This most recent Earth Hour,  hundreds of millions of people around the globe took part in WWF’S Earth Hour event; for 2018 around 9 million people took part in the UK alone.  People took part in a wide range of events with most marking the hour by turning off their lights- a symbolic show of unity for the planet.

This year was about making a promise for the planet – big or small, yet withholding and having a positive impact for future generations.  West Dunbartonshire Council showed their solidarity by getting staff, school pupils and the public involved through a range of activities.    Around the office staff made promises such as buying and using a reusable coffee cup rather than a disposable,  creating a compost heap in their garden, recycling more and stop the use of plastic cutlery to name a few.  

Pass the panda - Penny the Panda with the ProvostWest Dunbartonshire Council also got involved in the Pass the Panda movement.  We asked the public through our Facebook and Twitter pages to get involved with Earth Hour and to name our beautiful little Scottish Panda who was named Penny.  Penny made her way around the council and beyond meeting up with the Provost, Council employees and the Helensburgh Brownies club ; promoting her cause through the generations and different movements. 

On the day, the Council made the symbolic gesture of making sure the lights went out on its main buildings and landmarks.  The council buildings lights went out as well as the iconic titan crane; along with individuals in their houses and Earth Hour parties.  This year was great for all those involved and we are glad that it will have a long lasting effect.  We look forward to building on what we have done thing year and expanding on the next.  Our aim will be to raise awareness and spread knowledge so that for the following Earth Hours people will be passionate and want to get involved in helping the planet.

There was a fantastic effort this year from the schools with a number of primary schools taking part.  Whitecrook Primary School for example has made a fantastic effort this year in regards to Earth hour. On the 23rd March all lights and computers were turned off from 2pm – 3pm; symbolic with the Earth Hour movement.  Pupils were also heavily involved with designing advertisement posters for the event and creating a slide show to persuade the whole school to take part.  Pupils took this even further by making a long term commitment by asking how they can make their school more environmentally friendly by surveying other classes and creating a discussion; making the movement open to all.  Students were also involved through experiential activities such as making lanterns, word searches and colouring sheets for all classes to take part in during Earth Hour, In keeping with this year’s theme the school was dedicated to making a promise to help the environment as well as writing a reflective diary on what they are going to do to achieve this promise.  Pupils also created “promise bunting” to decorate the school with, showing their message loud and clear. As well as all these great activities the school as a whole has made a dedication to long term commitments such as creating a pick up litter rota, planting tomatoes for the school kitchen and finally choosing a WWF animal to sponsor.