Fairtrade ZoneWhat is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a growing international movement to guarantee that producers in poor countries receive a fair price for their goods. It means that workers benefit from a decent wage and working conditions and that the price they receive for their goods reflects the true cost of production. It also allows for investment in safe water supplies, sanitation, healthcare and education.

Fair Trade guarantees:

A fair price to producers in developing countries - enough to pay a living wage, no matter how low world prices on their product go

  • No child labour
  • Safe working conditions
  • Protection for the environment
  • Rights for women
  • Long-term contracts that allow producers to plan for the future
  • A social premium that is often reinvested into projects that help build sustainable community infrastructure, like hospitals, schools and roads

Fair Trade is about creating opportunities for producers in the developing world to receive a fair price for their goods and to work their way out of poverty. Put simply, it is an opportunity for them to improve their lives and the lives of their families, and is as simple as the choices you make on your weekly shop.

The Fairtrade Foundation was established to improve the position of poor and marginalised producers in the developing world. The Foundation encourages UK industry and consumers to support fairer trade and to purchase fair trade products. Products that carry the Fairtrade Mark, the only independent consumer guarantee, ensure that producers in the developing world get a better deal. A wide range of Fairtrade certified products are now available, including fresh fruit & dried fruit, cotton, flowers, tea & coffee, chocolate, cereal bars, cakes & biscuits, honey, soft drinks, and even wine! 

Fair Trade in Scotland

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum was established in 2007 in response to the government announcing criteria for Scotland and Wales to work towards becoming the world's first Fair Trade Nations. Scotland achieved Fair Trade Nation status on 25 February 2013.

Fairtrade in West Dunbartonshire

West Dunbartonshire Council has re-affirmed its commitment to the Fairtrade movement and set an ambitious target to achieve Fairtrade zone status for the local area in 2014.