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Review of roads around schools to help improve young people’s safety

Councillor McBride stands outside Knoxland Primary School
The safety of young people is set to be improved as the Council has agreed to carry out a review of roads and speed limits around all schools in West Dunbartonshire.

Published : 27 December 2023

Second home Council Tax to increase by 100 percent and generate revenue

Image of two wooden houses with one green figure and one red figure
West Dunbartonshire Council has agreed to a 100 percent increase in Council Tax on second homes which will help generate revenue.

Published : 22 December 2023

Auditors praise Council for clear aim to support citizens in cost-of-living crisis

West Dunbartonshire Council Logo
Auditors have praised West Dunbartonshire Council for its work to support residents affected by the cost-of-living crisis, reduce inequalities and combat climate change.

Published : 22 December 2023

Pupil reacts fast to help teacher during severe asthma attack

Teacher and pupil of Whitecrook Primary
A quick-thinking pupil helped his teacher when she suffered a serious asthma attack during a lesson.

Published : 21 December 2023

£2.3m savings agreed in phase one of Council’s approach to closing budget gap

West Dunbartonshire Council Logo
A range of savings totalling £2.3million have been agreed as part of early work to close the Council’s £17million budget gap.

Published : 21 December 2023

Senior phase pupils continue to perform well in exams

West Dunbartonshire Council Logo
Young people in West Dunbartonshire are continuing to perform well in senior phase exams.

Published : 14 December 2023

Under 18 clubs to receive up to 50% off schools estates lets

White lines marking out the corner of an artificial football pitch
Organisations running sports clubs for young people are to receive up to 50% discount on their let.

Published : 14 December 2023

Children and young people receiving a range of supports to Learn and Achieve

West Dunbartonshire Council Logo
West Dunbartonshire schools are offering a wide range of additional support to ensure the area’s young people reach their full potential.

Published : 14 December 2023

School boy wins Provost Christmas card competition

Max McGuinness, Eliezer Renato, Jayden Nicol holding their Christmas card designs with Provost McAllister
A depiction of the Three Kings has been chosen as the winner of the Provost’s 2023 Christmas card competition.

Published : 13 December 2023

Council chef named Scottish School Chef of the Year

Donald McInnes winning scottish school chef of the year
A dedicated Council chef who has worked in restaurants around the world serving the finest cuisine has been named Scottish School Chef of the Year 2023.

Published : 05 December 2023