Pre-Housing & Communities Committee Forum –open to all tenants and TRA representatives

Note of zoom meeting on
Monday 20th February 2023


People present:

Cllr Gurpreet Johal (Housing Convenor) - chaired meeting

Frances McGonagle (Littleholm TRA + WDTRO)

Harry McCormack ( Tullichewan TRA + WDTRO)

Ruth Dickinson (Willox Park TA+ WDTRO)

John Kerr (Housing Development & Homelessness Manager)

Laura Ann Paton (HRA Accountant)

Jane Mack (Snr Development Officer-Tenant Participation)

Apologies received from:

Mary Paton (Willox Park TA+ WDTRO), June Todd (WDTRO), Councillor Sorrell  and Stefan Kristmanns.

ITEM 9 – Housing and Employment Delivery Plan 2022/23 Interim Progress:

Update paper on action plan for 2022/23 and most actions are on track to complete by end of March 2023 target.

Key points from discussion

Question asked about the digital opportunities action on page 83 which refers to a ‘Near me ‘ app – John confirmed that it was funded and developed by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) and a number of Housing Associations use it before and even more so since the pandemic.  Ambition is for WDC to use in future and a business case being prepared by Nicola Pettigrew (Housing Operations Manager) and will bring a report to a future Liaison meeting. It would compliment the QL housing system and can use it to inspect properties etc.

Question asked about the training referred to on page 82 and John confirmed it was on track to be completed by end of March.

ITEM 10 – Supply, Distribution and Property Delivery Plan 2022/23 – Housing Asset and Investment and Building Services

Sets out the delivery plan for Repairs and Housing Asset & Investment teams for 2022/23. Includes achievements and an update on action plan.

Key points from discussion 

No questions raised.

ITEM 11 - More Homes West Dunbartonshire - West Dunbartonshire Council Affordable Housing Supply Delivery Plan.

John outlined the report which gives an update on the Council’s new build programme and includes updates on Clydebank East development where ground work has started. Queens Quay development completed and 29 new council tenants have moved in and getting good feedback about the properties. Report outlines the delay with the acquisition of the old Clydebank health centre from the NHS into next financial year and will mean a new evaluation of the site needed and need to reapply for grant funding.  

Key points from discussion

Gurpreet confirmed that he had been at Queens Quay opening and tenants there were very positive and loving their new homes.

Ruth asked about what stage the planning permission for Willox Park new build was at and John confirmed that they weren’t as far on as they had hoped, and still to meet with the pre-planning design team, so might be after summer (August) before ready to go for planning permission.

Ruth advised that the fencing around the site had been damaged in winds and John agreed to get this checked and repaired.

Action:  Fencing around demolition site of Willox Park care home to be checked and fencing repaired or strengthened.

ITEM 12 – Willox Park Sheltered Housing Complex

Report gives an update on the survey work being done on existing properties at Willox Park.  Paper states that had a shortage of volunteers for the more intrusive surveys but now have 4 volunteers so that work is starting. Also have a contractor to do the less intrusive surveys on all the properties. Repairs and Housing staff also doing a door round to check that all outstanding repairs are being taken care of.

Key points from discussion

Question asked about when the non intrusive surveys would start and John advised that contract just being finalised and then would get started and a newsletter will be sent out with a start date.

Section 4.6 refers to recommendation that fire compartmentalisation be enhanced and question asked about what that will involve – John advised that solution is not known yet and specialist contractor will make recommendations.

Section 4.5 says that a Fire Risk Assessment flagged the need to explore new bin storage solutions and Ruth advised that tenants not happy about bins having to be moved, and wants to meet the fire risk assessor and discuss the issue – been promised consultation but not happened yet.

Action: John agreed to speak to Scott McLelland and chase up consultation about need for bin relocation.

Question asked if was still a potential for demolition as section 4.11 refers to ’ opportunities to redevelop the site through demolition and new build’ – John agreed that is a possibility if properties aren’t salvageable but too early to make any conclusions. Need comprehensive picture and that will come from the surveys being done – rising damp found in 3 Willox might be a one-off.  Probably end of year before in position of full picture and he confirmed this would be discussed with tenants.

ITEM 13 - Housing Revenue Budgetary Control Report to 31 December 2022 (PERIOD 9)

Laura Ann explained the report in more detail and highlighted some key issues – overspend in employee costs due to backdated pay award and repairs overspend due to increase in work being done and increase in costs to do the work. Void rent loss also much higher than budgeted for and CFCR been reduced to offset these higher costs.

Key points from discussion

No specific questions and tenant happy that the font size been increased and report easier to read.

Laura Ann explained the report in more detail and highlighted some key issues –overspend down slightly to £79k and Capital programme spend on target.

No comments or questions raised.


This Forum is open to all tenants and members of Tenant & Residents Associations

 The next Pre- HACC Forum will be on Tuesday 2 May (due to bank holiday weekend) with the Housing Convenor and officers who have written the committee papers.

The papers are available the week before and electronic copies will be sent to all TRA Secretaries, WDTRO members and via TP Facebook page.

Paper copies will also be made available as are usually a lengthy document to read on a small screen- please contact Tenant Participation to arrange for a paper copy to be delivered to you.