The Council has a scheme to Buy Back former Council properties previously bought through the Right to Buy. 

Buy Back Scheme Summary

Purpose of the Buy Back Scheme West Dunbartonshire Council’s Buy Back Scheme will assist in increasing the amount of affordable housing by purchasing properties using an assessment criteria within a set budget.

The main aim of the scheme is

  • To acquire housing which can increase the stock of WDC social housing.
  • Help Maintain or create viable sustainable communities
  • Assist with managing the effects of Welfare Reform
  • Assist the council with SHQS /capital Improvements
  • Potentially assist with Empty homes

Financial Approach

After April 2020 a similar amount of capital will be available until April 2021. 

The scheme has a budget of £1million pounds for the year 2019-20.

This amount could facilitate the purchase of up to 15 homes per annum.

How the scheme works

The scheme will consider properties which satisfy the following:

  • Capital funds must be available for the Council to purchase the property. The cost to the council will also include bringing the property up to the standard of the Scottish Housing Quality Standard and West Dunbartonshire Council Letting Standard. The cost of purchase and upgrades should represent Value for Money for the Council.
  • The property being sold is usually a former Council property that was sold through the Right to Buy.
  • The purchase must be beneficial to the Council in terms of their being other council houses in the area and there must be tenant demand for the style, time and location of the house.
  • The seller must have made their own arrangements for re-housing. 
  • We cannot accept properties where a tenant would have to leave the property to enable a sale

Property Assessment

In order for the Council to purchase the houses which represent best value a scoring system will be used which will take into account

  • Housing Need
  • Housing Demand
  • Capital investment requirements
  • Value for money concerns

How to apply

Please contact Housing Development who administer the buy back scheme. We can take details of your property over the phone or by email and we can establish quickly if your home would be suitable for the scheme.

Contact Details

Laura Hanna
Council Offices
16 Church Street
G82 1QL