Community Learning and Development (CLD) plays a central part in ensuring individuals, families and communities across West Dunbartonshire reach their potential through lifelong learning, mutual self-help and community organisation - and that the available support and opportunities are community-led and built around people's aspirations.

The Community Learning and Development (Scotland) Regulations 2013 place a statutory requirement on local authorities to publish a plan every three years.

West Dunbartonshire Community Learning and Development Plan 2021 – 2024

The Adult Learning aspect of West Dunbartonshire’s CLD Plan is delivered by Working4U’s Adult Learning and Literacies Team.  Our annual reports provide information on the teams performance for year 1 and 2 of the 3 year plan.

Adult Learning & Literacies Annual Report 2022 - 2023

Adult Learning & Literacies Annual Report 2022 - 2023 Summary

Adult Learning & Literacies Annual Report 2021 - 2022

Adult Learning & Literacies Annual Report 2021 - 2022 Summary

The Team also draws on support from several partner organisations within and beyond the Council to provide access to learning opportunities that are designed to bring about positive change in people’s lives.
Key to the Team’s success, along with their own direct delivery, is the strategic overview and co-ordination of activities achieved through the Teams management of the Adult Learning Partnership (ALP). The ALP has representation from key organisations with an interest in promoting adult learning and aims to create and support a shared vision of Community Based Adult Learning in West Dunbartonshire.