The Working4U Financial Inclusion Benefits and Debt Team’s activities are focused on information and advice to residents from across West Dunbartonshire.

Working4U seeks to address the underlying causes of poverty, as well as the symptoms, by specifically tackling unemployment, providing opportunities to increase levels of education, skills, confidence and personal development as well support to claim in and out of work benefits and manage debt.

The Financial Inclusion team provide access to debt counselling, income maximisation support, money advice and welfare benefit advice services.

Key Progress Indicators 2023-24

Here are some of our key achievements:

Working4U Money Key Achievements 2023 to 2024


Here are a few of our other key progress indicators for the period 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024:

Progress Indicators
Progress Indicator 2023-24 Achieved
Number of Local People supported, with a disability or health issues 3,429
Percentage of local people with increased or sustained income through reduced debt liability/debt management 98.4% 
Success Rate - All Claims 88.1%
Number of Mandatory Reconsideration Before Appeal Representations  110
Success rate - Mandatory Reconsideration Before Appeal cases 76.9%
Number of Appeal Representations  17
Success Rate - Appeal Cases  82.1%
Number of local people assisted in relation to Energy Issues  108

Customer Satisfaction

We want to use feedback from those who use our services.  We will use the information in our 2023-24 Customer Satisfaction Report to shape provision going forward.  

If you have used our Money service, please take a few minutes to tell us what you think by completing our satisfaction survey. this will help us identify where we are delivering services well or where we need to make improvements.