Pictured above, an aerial view of the United Co-operative Baking Society biscuit factory at John Knox Street in 1948. The factory supplied biscuits to co-operative societies throughout Scotland.

The UCBS was founded in Glasgow in 1869 to supply bread from its large factory in McNeil Street in Hutchesontown to the city's co-op branch stores. The Clydebank Co-operative Society affiliated to the UCBS in 1893, and soon held enough shares to warrant a seat on the board of management.

In 1901, dissatisfaction with the service provided by UCBS led to calls for the Clydebank society to establish its own bakery. Not wishing to lose its business in Clydebank, UCBS entered into negotiations with the local society, resulting in an agreement to build a large biscuit factory in Clydebank. Bread continued to be supplied from McNeil Street.

The factory in John Knox Street opened in 1903, with its own railway siding, and proved to be a great success. At its peak, it provided employment for 500 workers.