Town twinning and friendship links

Town twinning

painting of ArgenteuilWest Dunbartonshire Council has a long established twinning arrangement with the French town of Argenteuil.  The twinning arrangement allows for pupil exchanges between the high schools in each area and also enables community organisations such as pipe bands and dancing groups to be invited to participate in local events.

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West Dunbartonshire has also signed a friendship agreement with the French village of Beauvoisin which is located in the Languedoc Roussillon Region of France. There is a small Scottish community in Beauvoisin who hold an annual event in the village to celebrate its Scottish connection.

Friendship links

The market square - Letterkenny County DonegalOn 20th March 2019, a friendship charter was agreed with Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland with the aim of encouraging educational, sporting, tourism, economic and individual links between the two areas. 

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In 2021, the Cultural Committee agreed that the Council should explore forming a friendship link with the City of Gdynia, Poland.  Discussions with officials from Gdynia are currently underway and it is hoped that these discussions will lead to cultural exchanges between our two areas at some point in the future.

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