Sub Committees

Sub Committees meet in the periods between Board Meetings to assist, scrutinise and improve the operations of the Trust and to provide advice to the Board of Directors to assist them undertake their responsibilities.

The following Sub Committees exist:

Audit & Risk Committee

Responsible for monitoring the financial performance of the Trust; approving financial reports to go to full board; for the recruitment and appointment of an external auditor to audit final annual accounts for submission to Companies House and OSCR; and the review of the governance of the Trust. 

Appeals Committee

Responsible for hearing and determining appeals against dismissal and appeals against all disciplinary action taken by the General Manager and to consider and reach decisions on Stage 3 Grievances by employees in terms of the Trust's Grievance Procedures.

Joint Consultative Forum

Responsible for exchanging information between Management and Employees and securing the greatest possible measure of joint action between West Dunbartonshire Leisure Trust and its employees.

Health & Safety Committee

To act as the focal point for all matters relating to the management of Fire, Security and Health and Safety.

Nominations & Individual Performance Management Committee

Responsible for recommending appropriate individuals for appointment as Independent Trustees to form the Board; and

Responsible for the recruitment and appointment of the General Manager and Company Secretary; and

Will formally oversee the performance management system for the General Manager.  Membership details of each sub committee is available to download below

Sub Committee Structure PDF 38KB

Further details of the functions of each of the Sub Committees can be downloaded below 

Terms of Reference of Sub Committees   PDF 1.2MB