Major and controversial planning applications are normally determined by the Council's Planning Committee, whilst other applications are usually determined by planning officials under delegated powers.

Scheme of Delegation

The  Council's Scheme of Delegation approved on 14 February 2019 sets out which applications are to be considered by Planning Committee.  These tend to be applications where:

  • approval would be contrary to a substantial body of objection;
  • there is an objection from a Community Council or statutory consultee;
  • the proposal conflicts with the policies of the local plan;
  • the Council has an interest in an application (financial or ownership interest)

Scheme of Delegation

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee generally meets on the first Wednesday of each month.  Click for information on Planning Committee minutes, agendas and details of meetings 

All objectors, supporters and the applicant have the opportunity to be heard by the Planning Committee through the Council's approved hearing procedure.

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