The Pre-Application Framework has been developed as a critical tool in helping to support applicants for larger and more complex developments through the pre-application process.

The Council recognises that developments can be uniquely complex and often require input from different services within the Council and also external organisations. The Pre-Application Framework has been established in order to provide a bespoke pre-application process; one which reflects the different needs of different applications.

The key benefits of using the Pre-Application Framework are to enable the local planning authority and applicant to:

  • Set out an efficient, transparent and solution focussed process for determining complex planning applications;
  • Agree relevant timescales, actions and resources for handling applications;
  • Enable joint working between the applicant and local planning authority, including engagement strategies for other parties such as statutory consultees, Councillors, the Place and Design Panel and other stakeholders.

The graphic below seeks to illustrate how a typical Pre-Application Framework may be planned. Please note that this is an indicative diagram, and the number of meetings necessary may decrease or increase in accordance with the applications needs. The framework for each application will be discussed with the applicant team before a commitment from either party.

Please note that there is a statutory requirement for Pre-Application consultation (PAC) with the public in relation to planning applications for Major Development. Advice on the Pre-Application Consultation and the Proposal of Application Notice (PoAN) process is available at Planning Applications Advice. It defines what constitutes a major development and what is required in terms of public consultation.

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