Car parks

We operate 30 FREE (excluding electric vehicle charging points) off-street car parks throughout the Council Area.

They are provided and maintained generally in town centre areas to ensure a safe and sufficient parking amenity to meet the needs of the local community, local economy, businesses and visitors.


  • Balloch, Alexandria, Bonhill & Renton area has approximately 493 spaces.
  • Dumbarton are has approximately 898 spaces.
  • Bowling & Dalmuir area has approximately 252 spaces.

The car parking at Clydebank Town Centre is provided & maintained by Clydebank Shopping Centre with approximately 1730 spaces.

  • Clyde Retail park has approximately 560 spaces.
  • Kilbowie Retail park has approximately 180 spaces.


It is the policy of the Council not to charge for parking. No parking fines will be issued by the Council, although Police Scotland do have powers to issue penalty fines to irresponsibly parked vehicles. 

Areas within some of the car parks have been allocated for disabled persons displaying a blue / orange badge.

Disabled parking in West Dunbartonshire

A Blue Badge allows you to park free of charge on any designated on-street bay marked for use by disabled persons.

If you have mobility problems you may be eligible for a Blue Badge parking permit.

You can find out more about blue badge parking permits by contacting Social Work or visiting the West Dunbartonshire Community Health and Care partnership webpage.

Disabled parking bay applications

In order to be eligible for a disabled persons’ parking bay the applicant must:

  • hold a current Blue Badge (Disabled Person’s Parking Badge);
  • not have access to any off road parking; and
  • have use of a vehicle that is registered at their address

It should be noted that disabled persons’ parking bays are available for use by any blue badge holder and not just the applicant.

Applicants require to complete an application form and provide documentation as follows:-

  • Copy of driving licence and vehicle registration document (V5C), or
  • Copy of driving licence and either motability lease agreement or insurance document

On receipt of the completed application form, Roads services will check the completed paperwork. If the application meets all the criteria, a site visit will be carried out to assess the suitability of the location for a disabled parking bay.

The Roads Service will decide whether it is possible to identify a suitable on road parking place from which there is convenient access to the applicant's address.  A disabled persons’ parking bay will not be provided where it is deemed such provision would compromise safe and efficient traffic management.

A disabled persons’ parking bay would not be permitted for the following reasons:-

  1. When the local authority determines we do not have the power to make a disabled street parking order for the preferred location for a bay.  (i.e. when a bay is requested on private land).
  2. When the requested location for a bay does not provide convenient access to the residence of the person holding a blue badge.
  3. Where the car used by the applicant is owned by an individual who resides elsewhere.
  4. Where the bay is requested on roads which have a no-waiting order e.g. yellow lines on the carriageway.
  5. Where the bay requested would be on a busy main road, close to a junction or within a turning area

Once the assessment has been completed the applicant will be notified in writing of the outcome. If the bay is approved, arrangements will be made with the line marking contractor to install the bay at the appropriate location.

A Traffic Regulation Order currently exists which enables the existing disabled bays listed in its schedule to become legally enforceable. This is promoted periodically.

We ask applicants that if their circumstances change in the future and the bay is no longer required, they contact West Dunbartonshire Council’s Roads Services as soon as is possible.