First level resources are appropriate for Primary 2 to Primary 4 pupils.

Street Feet

Street feet

Street feet is a road safety resource that can be used in the classroom or outdoors and gives children the opportunity to role play crossing the road in a safe environment.

This resource is available on loan to all establishments.





Kerbcraft is a child pedestrian training scheme. Parent volunteers are recruited and trained to teach 3 pedestrian skills to Primary 1 and 2 pupils over 12 to 18 month period.  Due to the nature of this scheme, it is targeted at specific schools.


Exploring Speed Through Active Learning

Exploring Speed

This pack aims to develop children's positive attitude to road safety in particular the issues around speeding. The activities are designed for pupils from P1 to P7.

Safer, Fitter, Greener

Safer, Fitter and GreenerIs a road safety resource consisting of games and different activities that encourage P4 to P7 pupils to think about road safety, health, physical activity and the environment.

This resource is available on loan to all Primary schools.