Funding Follows the Child

From August 2021 eligible two year olds and all three and four year olds will be entitled to 1140 hours early learning and childcare. This Scottish Government policy is known as Funding Follows the Child. The aim is to provide high quality, flexible early learning and childcare, accessible and affordable for all families. Families can access early learning and childcare in local authority nurseries, private nurseries and with child-minders who are in partnership with West Dunbartonshire Council. Funding Follows the Child enables you to access your child’s nursery place where you choose, if there is a place available.

In West Dunbartonshire we allocate nursery places at one establishment, for three and four year olds for two years which is what most parents and carers want before their child makes the transition to school. This gives families the opportunity to plan and make choices about early learning and childcare which fits around family life.  A familiar environment also helps children to feel safe and secure.