The Instrumental Music service provides instrumental lessons to pupils in all Primary and Secondary schools throughout West Dunbartonshire. Lessons are provided on a wide range of instruments including Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Guitar and Percussion. The choice of these instruments will vary from school to school. The lessons take place during the school day and are carried out by our highly skilled and qualified instrumental instructors. The recruitment process usually takes place while at primary school and lessons continue when pupils move onto secondary school, there are however opportunities for pupils to start out with primary school depending on availability on the instructors timetable.

Our team of specialist instructors provide individual and group lessons and run a variety of ensembles, bands and orchestras within the schools and the authority. We have a wide range of authority groups such as:

  • Training String Ensemble
  • Senior String Ensemble
  • Training Concert Band
  • Senior Concert Band
  • Funk sKool