Placing Request for P1

Placing requests for P1 should be made on the enrolment for education form. Please refer to the information included on the Starting P1 page.

Placing requests 

If the school of your choice is outwith your catchment area, you will have to make a placing request.  This is a formal application to Educational Services.

If you are or will be making a placing request please refer to Section 2 on our Schools Admissions and Placing Request Policy.

Placing Request Application

Placing Request for S1

If your child is attending their primary school due to a placing request and you wish them to attend the associated secondary school you must complete a placing request application (if you reside outwith the catchment area for the secondary).

This application must be made before 1 February each year. Your child does not automatically transfer if you do not live within the catchment area of the secondary school.

You can view the schools in your catchment area using the catchment area postcode search.

If you reside outwith West Dunbartonshire Council you can submit placing requests for secondary school from late December until 1 February.

Placements for pupils with Additional Support Needs

If your child has additional support needs, and you feel their learning needs would be better made in an appropriate specialist placement, please contact our Educational Psychology Service (PS Office to discuss our procedures for identifying the most suitable provision for your child’s needs. We would normally wish to work with you and allocate a suitable placement for your child out with the formal placing request legislation.


If your placing request was refused, you can appeal the decision.

Placing request appeal