Exclusion is a last resort. We will only consider excluding a pupil when all other options have been tried and failed, or in a case of serious indiscipline.

The period of exclusion will not be more than 10 school days. The length of exclusion will be for the minimum number of days appropriate to the offense.

Most exclusions will be because of behaviour in school. Some exclusions will relate to behaviour outside school and school hours. These exclusions will only take place when there is a serious chance the incident may affect school order and discipline.

Please note that any violence or threat of violence against staff will lead to an exclusion.


Our schools shall do the following:

  • the parent / young person will be told they are to be excluded on the day the decision is made
  • tell you / your child of a date, time and place that an appointed staff member is available to meet to discuss the exclusion
  • check there are childcare arrangements in place before letting a child off school grounds
  • tell you in writing within three calendar days of the reason for exclusion, any conditions and the right of appeal.

The Council must still provide education to excluded pupils, which will vary with the length of exclusion. For all exclusions the school will  provide a home work programme combined with one or two tutorial sessions if the exclusion is over four days.


A parent / young person can appeal the exclusion. The appeals committee will meet within one month and can over turn the exclusion.


Disabled children

A school cannot discriminate against a disabled child. We will not exclude your child because of their disability. However, this does not mean that a disabled pupil cannot be excluded.

Looked after children

A school cannot exclude a looked after child for more than four days.

Child protection concerns

We will inform Social Work and complete a risk assessment before sending home a pupil on the Child Protection Register.