All schools in West Dunbartonshire have a school uniform. Each school’s uniform meets the needs of the school and the community.

School uniform has many benefits for your child, you, the school and the wider community.  Benefits include:

  • giving your child a pride in, and a sense of belonging to their school
  • giving your child an equality of appearance which discourages competition
  • is cheaper to buy than other clothing which pupils may wish to wear
  • encouraging school discipline and a work ethic amongst pupils
  • improving school security by making it easier to identify intruders
  • could reduce truanting by identifying school pupils as belonging to a particular school
  • heightening the reputation of the school in the community.

Dress Code

Each school's uniform is determined in consultation with parents, pupils and staff. The choice of items available will reflect the diversity of cultural and religious customs in our community.  No pupil will be discriminated against on the grounds of race or gender.

Some clothing is not acceptable in school because of health and safety, or on moral or other grounds. Schools will not allow clothing which:

  • potentially encourages faction (such as football colours)
  • could cause offence (such as anti-religious symbolism or slogans which might be regarded as political or carrying a questionable moral message)
  • could cause health and safety concerns, such as loose fitting clothing, earrings, shell suits and jackets of flammable material
  • could cause damage to flooring
  • carry advertising, particularly for alcohol or tobacco
  • could be used to inflict injury on other pupils or be used by others to do so.

Please do not bring valuable items into school, e.g. expensive articles of clothing or jewellery.


Our schools may use the following sanctions to make sure your child has the correct uniform:

  • verbal reminders at class, group, and individual level
  • individual interviews
  • letter sent home to you seeking your support in implementing the uniform policy
  • interview with you to seek your support and to discuss the importance of council and school policies
  • withdrawal of pupil privileges, e.g. discos, clubs, etc.
  • withdrawal of pupil from visits outwith school, on the grounds of safety as it be hard to identify your child as a member of the school party.

Your child may be excused temporarily if there is a valid reason for not wearing uniform, e.g. unavailability, physical or financial constraints.