Are you a landlord and has your tenant been impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic and struggled to pay their rent?

Fund closed for applications on 31 March 2022

The Deputy First Minister announced earlier this year the Scottish Government’s intention to launch a £10m grant fund to support private and social rented tenants who have incurred rent arrears as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The fund has now been launched and West Dunbartonshire Council has received an allocation of the funds.

The main purpose of the grant is to prevent homelessness from occurring by supporting tenants who are at risk of losing their tenancy due to arrears.  By contributing to the payment of rent arrears the funding may also assist both landlord and tenant to reach a repayment agreement as part of the pre-action requirements process.

As well as ensuring that the grant conditions are met, the Council’s housing options service will also investigate if there are other actions which can be taken to avoid the tenancy being lost.

The grant has the following conditions:

  • Arrears will have accrued between 23 March 2020 and 9 August 2021 (i.e. the period when Covid-19 restrictions were in place),
  • Payments must be paid direct to the landlord,
  • The landlord must demonstrate they have complied with pre-action requirements for each application

The funds allocated to West Dunbartonshire Council must be spent before 31st March 2022.  In order to streamline the application and administration process before applying the following information should be included on each landlord application:

  • Private landlords must be registered and be able to provide their registration number
  • You should be able to provide the tenant’s details including National Insurance number, contact telephone and email address (we plan to email letters rather than post)
  • Details of the arrears – the total, dates accrued and proof of arrears (must be attached, type of proof: rent statements for RSL’s or letters or emails to the tenant or statements)
  • Information about how the arrears have occurred
  • Details of your pre-action requirements and proof (must be attached)
  • Landlord banks details and a copy of a current bank statement to allow for verification of the bank account
  • Landlords will also be asked to confirm that they have discussed the application with their tenant before the application can proceed
  • Landlord contact details, person dealing with the application, contact telephone number and email address

Application Form

  • Fund closed for applications on 31 March 2022

What happens next?

One of our caseworkers will contact you within 5 working days to go through the process and information.

Are you a tenant looking for assistance?

If you are a tenant looking for assistance please speak to your landlord regarding this grant or contact our housing options on 01389 776400.