Old Kilpatrick Community Council Minutes   8/11/22


Isobel Plunkett (Chair), Davis Robertson, Tom Morrison, Rena McKenzie, Debbie Keenan, Elaine McNally, Jim McElhill, Maria Gordon, Lauren Oxley, Gordon King, Donald Stewart, Carolyn Hutchison.


Rhona Young, Jana Moravcova, Daniel Lennie, Chris Young.


Minutes from 11/10/22 (apologies to Rhona Young who is a community councillor and was not included on the list of community councillors for the next 4 years,the next meeting date was December instead of November)proposed by Debbie Keenan,seconded by Rena McKenzie

Wind Farm Meeting

Tom Morrison attended this public meeting in Balloch House Hotel.Ten turbines above the Black Linn Reservoir 7mw.these will be invisible from the main road and this project will go ahead although no time scales are known.

Isobel Plunkett asked Elaine McNally to organise payment to AOK for the newsletter.

Grit spreading machines

Greenspace pilot project for the village to include grit bins. AOK have offered to store the machines in the container near the Saltings.

Empty houses in the village

No response from owners of Oaktree.


Rena McKenzie raised issues in the village.

  1. Junction at Station Rd and Dumbarton Rd - children crossing and no lollipop person.Cars don’t always stop and approach junction at speed.
  2. Carpark behind the Ettrick is very muddy and covered in potholes. Restricting accessibility to Church Place.
  3. Napier Hall - old plastic chairs breaking.
  4. SPT bus service - lots of issues with this advised to contact Marie McNair MSP as a transport issue.Lauren Oxley will advise.
  5. Fireworks 6th November on ground behind church hall being set off near to houses.

Davis Robertson updated everyone on Old Kilpatrick Church,presently there is no minister, there is a proposed union with Dalmuir Barclay and the church hall isn’t used much.

Isobel Plunkett has been liaising with the communities team regarding grants for the village. Proposal is that we produce an area plan to feed into the locality plan for WDC. If we write our own plan building on the 20 minute neighbourhood plan and send it out to other community groups.

(looking at what is there and what needs to be done sport, recreation, parks, walking, signage, housing, safety, business, Erskine view one-way, development while maintaining the village community) Everyone asked to contribute to this.

Police Report

2 teams of community policing - Clydebank and Alexandria.

Crime from 11/10 to 7/11  -14 recorded:

  • 3 common assault
  • 5 vandalism
  • 1 theft
  • 5 connected under investigation.

Query regarding controlled entry for flats in Thistleneuk. Councillors will check with housing.

An area of concern for Old Kilpatrick are the groups of youths hanging around.Officer explained the procedure for dealing with this.Home to parents,charged if appropriate,concern form completed and discussion with early intervention team/children's reporter.

Routine visits also carried out to shops, pubs regarding alcohol.


Lauren Oxley has discussed the lockups with John Kerr.Better homes board review planned March next year.

Bollard on Station Road - its illuminated and therefore unable to change for a more robust model. Looking at a more secure fixing.

Residents only parking lines for Dumbarton Road.

Lauren Oxley has been in touch with Greenspace regarding - signage and invasive species. There has been no response and now asking for a written response.

Blocked drains in the village at Barclay Street and Ferry Road highlighted.

Bute Crescent - vans parking on both sides of the road blocking pedestrian access on the pavement and restricting vehicle access and visibility.

Empty property on Dumbarton Road - concern re. fire hazard and no updates on this status.

Work has been going on at the War Memorial for Armistice Day -Lauren Oxley, Isobel Plunkett and Elaine McNally will attend Old Kilpatrick and Jim McElhill and Rena McKenzie will attend Clydebank Town Hall.


John White the Chairperson at Whitecrook Community Council passed away suddenly he was very involved and a great asset to the local community. He will be sadly missed.

Date of next meeting

  • 13th December  Napier Hall 7.30pm
  • Bring refreshments and nibbles if you want as its our last meeting before Christmas.

Old Kilpatrick Community Council Minutes   11/10/22


Isobel Plunkett (Chair), Davis Robertson, Tom Morrison, Rena McKenzie, Debbie Keenan, Elaine McNally, Jim McElhill, Chris Young, Dawn Connor, John Pryde, Lauren Keenie, Carolyn Hutchison.


Gordon King, Rona Young, June Mackay, Maria Foster, Danny Lenny, Lauren Oxley.

Mount Pleasant care home site

Dawn Connor explained that demolition on the site would commence in the next 10 days and the proposed timescale for demolition is 3 months,planning permission 1 year and completion timescale is October 2024.

A development similar to Creveul Court in Alexandria is envisaged but the council are keen to know community housing needs and will have a pre-planning consultation for community engagement? Perhaps 25 homes a mixture of flats/terraced cottages technology ready and designed for varying needs based on medical points (dementia, mobility, daily living, family access) Buildings to be no higher than established houses. Neighbours will be informed and Dawn will send information on Creveul Court and will keep us up to date with progress.

Empty houses in the village

Ferry dykes cottage at on the canal - the owner has appointed an architect to design a family home and this will go to planning.

Oaktree at the bottom of Station Road - owner not engaging Karen.Rae@west-dunbarton.gov.uk  is keen if anyone has any information that would progress this issue. Builders have said that dry rot spores from this property affect adjacent houses.

127 Dumbarton Road is lying empty with electricity on, roof sagging, garden overgrown. Fire brigade have said this is a fire risk and repairs required have been reported.

The housing officers will be informed - Kevin McCrossan (new team lead) and Lauren Oxley.

Police Report

Our Community police officer is John Pryde and he attended with Lauren Keenie .If there is no officer to attend the meeting a report will be sent to Isobel Plunkett.

Low crime in area - 4 recorded:

  • 1 common assault
  • 1 vandalism
  • 1 road traffic incident
  • 1 breach of the peace

An area of concern for Old Kilpatrick are the groups of youths hanging around. This seems to be a moving problem for the area using the train line. Advised to keep phoning in an incidents to 101 and extra attention will be given.Areas highlighted were the tunnels in the Glen, the Saltings and under the Erskine bridge.

Event for Community Councillors

Elaine and Moira attended this and being retired Moira got a certificate and was delighted. It was learned that Bowling are engaging with teenagers to involve them in the community.

Electing of committee

Chris Young from the communities team was chairing the election of the committee. Signing off on the AGM, the constitution and the terms of agreement. All office bearers stood down and process of re election took place.

Some community councils were lost during the review of the scheme of establishment - Linnvale, Balloch, Dumbarton with a new one in Alexandria.

New community councillors for 4 years

  • Isobel Plunkett (Chair)
  • Elaine McNally (Treasurer)
  • Maria Foster (Secretary)
  • Gordon King
  • Debbie Keenan
  • Rena McKenzie

Co opted members

  • Tom Morrison (resident)
  • Davis Robertson (church)
  • Carolyn Hutchison (AOK)

Treasurers Report

  • Opening balance             £3,700.75
  • Closing balance               £3,687-35                Poppy wreath ordered.

Councillors Report

Jim McElhill - the company demolishing the care home are donating money to local charities.

The owners of the houses in the Lusset Glen are unwilling to meet with Greenspace.

Gordon had highlighted the state of disrepair of the board walk from the canal to the Saltings. Greenspace asked for costs. Gordon also suggested a bike station for Old Kilpatrick and Ann Tolland is looking into it.

Update on churches

Davis attended the presbytery meeting and the proposed plan for our area is 3 churches and 3 ministers. This is reducing the churches from 7 to 3.

Glebe land owned by the Church of Scotland - Turnberry Homes were interested but have withdrawn.


Meeting for Lussett Glen to be rearranged.

Potholes on road at Station Road industrial estate.

Tom highlighted the Black Linn Wind Farm consultation and the Carlos site proposal on WDC website.


Cllr. McGinty is doing a cost of living conference in Clydebank Town Hall West Dumbartonshire Warmth Network.

Free gym and swim October week,warm boxes (hats,gloves,blankets) Warm places - libraries, community centres.

Cost of living webpage.

£52,000 for foodbanks

£250,000 energy fund with £1,000,000 of capital for groups,heaters and upgrades. Should we have another newsletter to highlight this?

Dates for your diary

  • 8th & 9th December at Clydebank Health Centre 12-2pm Carol Concert
  • 15th & 16th December at Napier Hall Pantomime (details to follow)
  • 6th May 2023 Coronation

Date of next meeting

  • 8th December  Napier Hall 7.30pm  

Old Kilpatrick Community Council

Notes from Meeting held on 13th September 2022

Meeting held in the Napier Hall


In attendance: WDC Councillor June McKay, Debbie Keenan, Elaine McInally, Gordon King, Tom Morrison, Carolyn Hutchison, Davis Robertson, Rena McKenzie, Maria Gordon, Chris Young and Isobel Plunkett

Apologies: Lauren Oxley, James McElhill, Jana Moracova, Rhona Young.

Issues Discussed

On Tuesday 20th September Elect-Her.org.uk are screening a Zoom meeting which features “Her life in Politics as a Community Councillor“


The Cost of Living Conference has been rescheduled to the 1st October this is being hosted by Michelle McGinty Deputy Leader of the Council all are welcome to attend.


World Kindness Day is on the 13th November ideas for how we can get involved with this are welcome. WDC are promoting this initiative.


Age Scotland are developing a new programme “The Friendship Call” this is for individuals who live on their own and who would welcome a regular phone call.


National Power of Attorney Day is being held on the 29th September for more information contact mypowerofattorney.org.uk


The Primary Care Mental Health & Wellbeing Services are seeking Community input in future development of the service and plan to hold a consultation event on the 13th October 2022

Contact details have been forwarded.


There are ongoing issues with the planning process regarding the Duntiglennan site which may be of interest to all Community Councils.


Contact to be established with Arts/ Culture Department regarding proposed strategies.


Demolition of Mount Pleasant Care home has gone out to Tender.


Citizen Advice Bureau has produced a Cost of Living Report for local information.


Celebrating Community Council Event will take place in the Concord Centre on Thursday


Elections will take place in October, everyone invited to get involved.


Carolyn has kindly agreed to be the Minute Taker for our meetings!


Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 11th October at 7.30pm

Old Kilpatrick Community Council

Notes from meeting 9th August 2022

Meeting held in the Napier Hall


  • WDC Local Councillors: Danny Lennie, Jim McElhill and Lauren Oxley.
  • Community Councillors: Rhona Young, Gordon King, Davis Robertson, Carolyn Hutchison, Isobel Plunkett
  • Chris Young WDC Communities Team

Chairperson welcomed all to this the first meeting to be held in the Napier Hall for some time. She welcomed the newly elected councillors to their first community council meeting.

Issues discussed

Clarification to be sought regarding administration responses to members of the public

A number of emails have been sent and have either been ignored or taken an inordinate amount of time for a response.

Can the Councillors please clarify WDC procedures regarding this?

Bike Station for the village

  • There is a bike station at the corner of Station Road nearby Dumbarton Railway Station.
  • Given the number of cyclists that travel through the village this maybe an appropriate place to site another one.
  • Who is the most appropriate person to contact regarding this?

Nursing Home Development

  • Contact has been made and invitation to speak at next meeting offered.

War Memorial upkeep

  • Greenspace to be contacted

Lusset Glen

  • Meeting arranged to discuss future developments


Housing ongoing non response regarding Lock Ups / Repairs of empty houses

Councillors to make enquiries

Planned Programme of Events

  • Ideas to be brought to next meeting

Planning Application re Canal House

  • Support in principle to this application has been made however the plan is for a house and garden and for no other development.

Community Council Elections

Chris indicated that the Communities team will support in the promotion of the planned elections and are also planning an event to thank those community Councillors retiring this year.

Date of next meeting:

  • Tuesday 13th September 2022