Old Kilpatrick Community Council Minutes



Isobel Plunket (chair),Rena McKenzie, Tom Morrison, Ann Higney, Daniel Lennie (councillor),Carolyn Hutchison.


Gordon King, Rhona Young, Chris Young, Debbie Keenan, Maria Gordon, Dorothy Gordon.

Police report Received but nothing to report.

Contact from Alexander Greer a resident of Lusset Road. He is having problems with mail being delivered and has been advised to contact the post office.

A card and flowers is being organised for Davis Robertson and Issy will ask for a new representative from the church.

Community soup event is being organised for the end of February/beginning of March.£500 for a group or individual to do something to enhance the village. The presentations will be in Old Kilpatrick Church and the soup will be in the church hall. The judges will be Roger Clifford, Stephen Henderson and John Clark and Maria Gordon will be the MC. Chris and Shaun of the communities team will do the publicity.

Upcoming events – Ladies day in March. D day event June (6th?)Alan Lorimer is hoping to do a beacon again with the scouts. It will be marked during the day with a wreath at the War memorial. Time to be confirmed. Carolyn will source 8 trailing plants for the planters.

Ann, Issy and Rena have been involved with the locality plan which is going to be written by Colin and Stephen. It involves the land and spatial look of the community. People can come up with ideas and alternatives for the whole of the village.

There are budgets that we can apply for and Ann and Issy are taking this forward. Smaller funding perhaps for community lights and capital regeneration funding for the development of the Lusset Glen.

Parking on pavements was raised and Daniel Lennie said that the introduction of traffic wardens is being looked at but nothing in place from WDC as yet.

Carolyn raised the issue of the non emptying of bins in the Saltings and the slip hazards of the leaves and wooden boards and a broken over hanging branch on the bridge from the canal to the Saltings. Daniel will look into this.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 13th February 2024, 7pm - 9pm in the church hall.

This has been extended to work on the locality plan.