Old Kilpatrick Community Council Minutes



Maria Gordon(chair), Chris Young, Debbie Keenan, Davis Robertson, Lauren Oxley (Clr), Elaine McNally, Ann Higney, Dorothy Gordon, Carolyn Hutchison.


Isobel Plunkett, Tom Morrison, Rhona Young, Gordon King, James McElhill.

Notes from last meeting proposed by Debbie Keenan and seconded by Dorothy Gordon

Minutes 14/11/2023

Community Soup Event -£500 to the winner (which could be split)3 minutes

to pitch idea.

Proposed date late January early February 2024.

Proposed venues - Gavinburn Primary, Dalmuir Barclay, Bowling Green.

proposed groups - Scouts, Girl Guides, Boys Brigade, Masonic Lodge, Parents Council, AOK, Parent and Toddlers, Donna Smith Dancing, individuals. 7-8 groups required to make it worthwhile.

Chris Young will contact the venues and groups.If anyone can think of anyone else please let Chris know.

Next meeting - AGM,code of conduct for community council.

Locality plan - can we be updated on where we are with this.

Davis is standing down as church rep after many years and will be greatly missed.

Christmas do! -bring nibbles/drinks.

No police in attendance.

Concern raised re electric bikes/lock ups.

Treasurer report

Elaine - £833.02

Christmas events

Panto 14th,15th and 16th December in Scout hall (not sure of times)

carol Concert Clydebank Health Centre 7th December 12-2pm

Next Meeting

Tuesday 12th December 2023 in Church Hall 7.30pm

Community Council Minutes

Tuesday September 12th, 2023

Old Kilpatrick Church Hall



Issy, Debbie, Maria, Dorothy, Elaine, Jim


Carolyn, Rena, Tom Gordon, Lauren, Chris

Opening Remarks

Issy welcomed Dorothy Gordon who has shown an interest in joining the Community Council.

Police Report

No police report at this meeting as no attendance from the Police.

Deer Shootings

Lauren had drawn up a report and sent to Issy on this matter. The police are still looking for further information on this matter.  Any information that is available should be passed to Police Scotland.


  • There is a meeting to be held at Clydebank Town Hall on 3rd October from 12.30 to 2.30pm. Issy will attend this meeting.  This will be to discuss the WDC budgets.
  • There is still an 11 million deficit in the WDC budget.
  • There is going to be free training for Community Wealth Buildings which will take place via video link. This training will be available for one month.
  • There will be a meeting on 21st September at Clydebank Library from 2pm to 5pm. As OKCC are in the process of completing our locality planning, Issy will attend this meeting.
  • There will be an Age Wealth forum on 20th September in Dumbarton Football Club. Issy and Dorothy will attend this.

Napier Hall

  • Jim (WDC) confirmed that at this point there was no agreement signed between OKFP and WDC for the lease of the Napier Hall.
  • Both WDC and OKFP have had surveys done on the property (OKFP took the decision to have an independent survey done out with WDC survey). Both surveyors are disagreeing on their findings.
  • OKFP are supposed to be taking over the least at the end of September but not confirmed yet.
  • Napier Hall will be closed for a period of 6 months for the repairs to be carried out.
  • Masonic Lodge will be allowed to hold their annual function in the hall before it closes.
  • There has been no visibility from OKFP as to what exactly the hall will be used for but it is expected that it will be used as an events hall and not as a community hall for the good of the community. It is not expected that any groups who have used the hall for many years will be able to return on the block booking systems they were used to when the hall was under WDC.
  • The report to Ombudsman is sitting at stage 2. We will continue to pursue as the proper process was not seen to be followed.  The purpose of this process should have been to transfer the hall lease to the community and not transferred to a charity.  We are now the only area in WDC that does not have an alternative community space now the likely hood is that OKFP will take over the lease in the coming weeks/months.

International Women’s Day

  • IWD 2024th is 8th
  • We are looking to hold our IWD on the Saturday morning nearest 8th March 2024, possible venue O.K Bowling Green Hall.
  • Soup, Sandwiches, tea etc… will be provided.
  • Speaker to be identified for the function – Florence is a possible option or Lauren Oxley about her journey into politics.


  • Issy informed the council that she had met with Colin & Sandra about the possibility of setting a SCIO.
  • Steven Smith – community links – helps groups with obtaining funding, business plans and viability studies.
  • This would need a group of about 6 individuals to work with Steven as it cannot be the CC that does this. CC would support this group fully, but it would be a stand-alone committee.
  • This SCIO would then become the parent of AOK, Scouts etc….
  • Issy will contact a group of people to form a group that will sit under the CC.
  • This group will need a name which needs to be identified.
  • Community Soup – Community team put in £500. This must go to all groups therefore a list needs to compile for next meeting.
  • Panto this year is Hansel & Gretal and will take place in the Scout Hall, O.K, the week before Christmas.
  • The Christmas Carol event at Clydebank Health Centre will take place again this year. We will team up with Parkhall & Central and Linnvale.
  • It was identified that there is a lack of a Code of Conduct for community council members. It was agreed that every CC member should have to sign a COC when they join the council and potentially all members should have to resign at the beginning of each council year.
  • Maria Gordon raised that, while any member of the public can come to a meeting, the details of these discussion should never be shared out with the meeting by community council members. Sharing the outcomes are okay but not how we reach those decisions.  We have a duty as council members not to take what individuals have said at meetings to wider members of the community as it can cause ill feeling.
  • AGM to be arranged.
  • Newsletter – AOK fundraiser to be included to ensure it is publicised well.  It will be in January 2024.

Meeting Closed at 20.50pm.


Date of next meeting – Tuesday 10th October 2023

Old Kilpatrick Church Hall.

Old Kilpatrick Community Council Minutes



Isobel Plunkett (Chair), Rena McKenzie, Maria Gordon, Chris Young, Debbie Keenan, Davis Robertson, Jana Moracova, Lauren Oxley(Clr), Daniel Lennie (Clr), Gordon King, Rhona Young, Elaine McNally, Tom Morrison, Ann Higney, Carolyn Hutchison.


No apologies

Agenda  followed after summer break.

  1. Mount Pleasant update from Dawn Connor. 19 new units around a courtyard,planning has been submitted.
    Individual parking clarification required for current residents.

  2. Community Council Forum
    Is 50 years old and looking at marking that in September.

  3. Community Soup Event -£500 to the winner (which could be split)3 minutes to pitch idea.

  4. Lusset Glen has been discussed for years and everyone involved has moved on.Starting from scratch with short,medium and longterm plans with WDC, Greenspace,roads,Community Council and Action Old Kilpatrick. Funding required.
    Recent WDC quotes - Fence repair £2000, Gabions £29,000 Paint fence £30,000.

  5. Action Old Kilpatrick is working with Greenspace on the War Memorial.All the overgrown planting has been removed.Plan is for 2 Cyprus trees and raised beds with relevant planting. Rhona highlighted that the original planting was done by the community council and cost about £41Rhona has all the paperwork and the Chinese rowan was planted in memory of a boy from Northern Ireland.

    Florence Boyle has been doing graveyard tours which have proved very popular and there are plans for a set of 3 history lectures over the winter.

    After all the research that Florence completed regarding WW2 it has been proposed that this information is displayed on notice boards around the war memorial.

    Jana and Richard are moving to Ayrshire and Jana is hoping to continue involvement with AOK. Her work with the newsletter and all the social media has been invaluable and greatly appreciated by both AOK and the Community Council.

Napier Hall

Ann Higney attended the Community Council and is part of the Community group for the Napier Hall.

OKFP were the preferred option. Isobel Plunkett, Rhona Young, Florence Boyle and Anne Higney attended the IRED meeting and the Community Council were not recognised as instigators of the community meetings.

Letter sent to Angela Wilson on 3/7/23 - lack of communication and implication negated role offensive.

17/6/23 asset organiser contacted and still waiting on a reply.

There were 3 public meetings and a subgroup was formed.

OKFP were originally a subgroup of the Community Council and were chosen on the evening of the community groups inauguration.The timeline of the bid was March 2024 and this has been rushed and other bid accepted.

This has divided the community and undermined the community council.

Councillor McBride and Ms Wilson were invited to the community council meeting but did not attend as they feel it had been discussed at the IRED meeting.No debate with the community and no appeal process.

No transparency by WDC despite the council attending the public meetings and appearing to support the groups.Seems to have been a u-turn with no sharing of the reason for the decision.No details of the option from OKFP available to the community and other groups.

As of 1/8/23 all bookings were to go OKFP but on trying to book groups were directed to the Leisure Trust as OKFP were not aware of this.No clarity of communication regarding policies and procedures.Lease is still not signed.

Groups unable to book due to the unsafe condition of the roof.

Offensive comments made on social media,conflicting stories circulating in the community.Groups who have used these facilities for over 30 years are now looking at other premises.

The community council are waiting on a reply from the Chief Executive of WDC and are taking this to the Ombudsman.


Rhona Young complained about the quality of sound at the IRED meeting and the second session was crystal clear.


Anne Higney - OKFP had a lease with a caveat that if anything didn’t come through the lease would be withdrawn.


Lauren Oxley - said there were quotes from WDC and independent quotes. She will get clarification on what will happen if the lease is withdrawn.


Daniel Lennie asked if there were any conditions.


Anne Higney - could this be bought outwith the community and possibilities of why not leased.


Isobel Plunkett - had heard that WDC repair quote was very low.

Daniel Lennie - WDC estimation was lower than an independent estimate and if it was the higher quote a safety license would be required.


Isobel Plunkett said that WDC were morally,ethically and financially duty bound to repair that hall. WDC leisure trust failed the community over decades with money going in from hiring out the hall.Recalling the steps that had to be taken to get the curtains repaired and health and safety compliant.


Debbie Keenan - Mummers can’t get access due to the safety of the roof.


Isobel Plunkett - Interesting to compare the Napier Hall and Hub bills.

Anne Higney - An audit should be carried out regarding how dangerous it is and also an asset check.


Lauren Oxley - IRED meeting next Wednesday and the minutes will be discussed/approved regarding the Napier Hall.


Anne Higney - asset transfer muted as WDC didn’t pay out.


Maria Gordon - trust is required.


Lauren Oxley -changes in WDC currently.Angela Wilson splitting role between chief officers and there has been no secretary for 6 weeks and a lot of misinformation due to this.Amanda Graham is responsible.


Community Council happy to take this to the Ombudsman and an action group has been formed  - Isobel Plunkett,Maria Gordon,Anne Higney and Donna Smith(chair of the Napier Hall community group)



People happy to use Church Hall for meetings £15 per hour although not ideal long-term as disabled access is problematic.

Lauren Oxley - will ask for a health and safety risk assessment regarding getting a yellow salt bin to help on the ramps.

Old Kilpatrick church to be put on the agenda,its B-listed, pre 600 and Trusts and Grants may be available to secure its future.

Chapel will also be closing.

Very interesting area so should be more enthusiastic towards tourism.

A public toilet would help.the council lease 2 toilets in Dumbarton and Lauren Oxley will look into this for Old Kilpatrick.


Gordon King - asked re pavilion in high park.Janet Cameron has said it would be as soon as??a play park and outside gym were also suggested.


Lauren Oxley will ask regarding the benches in the village - at the shops and the Napier Hall (the one at the Christmas tree has been repaired)


Rhona Young - can someone look into the lack of weed-killing and repair on the streets. Mansefield hasn’t been resurfaced since 1964 and why could it not have been done when the roads were being resurfaced.

Deer killers back in ecology park 1.48am - question for police as well as a non reg dirt bike being driven erratically by a person in a balaclava.

Isobel will let the police know of the change in venue.


2 items for next time

 -chapter for locality plan

What could be asked of the Malin Group when they start.


Date of next meeting

12th September 2023 Old Kilpatrick Church Hall 7.30pm                  

Old Kilpatrick Community Council Minutes  

Minutes of Meeting 11/4/23



Isobel Plunkett (Chair), Rena McKenzie,Maria Gordon, Chris Young, Debbie Keenan, Davis Robertson, Jana Moracova, Lauren Oxley(Clr), Tom Morrison, Carolyn Hutchison.


Gordon King, Rhona Young, Daniel Lennie(Clr), Jim McElhill (Clr).

Minutes from meeting

Approved by Jana Maracova and Lauren Oxley.

Rena McKenzie let us know about the Dementia Safeguarding Tag which is available in WDC for further information go to alzscot.org

Davis Robertson updated us on the church which has a stay of execution until the end of 2026.

Lauren Oxley reported that Michelle Lynn was unable to attend the meeting but that the pavilion in the high parks date was August 2023.

Issy commented that the money for the Pavillion was still tagged and that there may be scope to redesign it.Multi use use not just for changing and discussed with reconfiguration team with ideas of an outdoor gym.

Maria Gordon had written to the council regarding the empty house on Dumbarton Road,highlighting the safety issues and the question was not answered in the response.

Tom Burke who stays in Erskine got in touch with the community council regarding an incident on the Erskine bridge regarding trail bikes with riders having no helmets.Police not at this meeting to ask.

Contact from Kevin Waters the principal project manager for the Malin group for the Marine Technology park is happy to come along to a community council meeting to discuss progress.

Treasurers Report - Elaine McNally has applied for the grant.

Chatty Cafe now in situ at Scout Square - Men’s shed are going to make raised beds and a seating area is planned with gates.

First public meeting for the Napier Hall was well attended around 120 people.Community Council will act as support until a group for the Napier Hall is established.A building condition report has been requested and council representatives and councillors will be in attendance at the next public meeting at 19th April 2023 at 7pm.

Locality plan still ongoing,areas/topics allocated to community council members and ideas will be collated Chris Young will look at a format for this.

7th June 2023 is the Community Council Forum Meeting which will take place in either the Napier Hall or OKFP.

Date of next meeting

9th May 2023 Napier Hall 7.30pm.

Old Kilpatrick Community Council Meeting

Minutes – meeting held 14.03.2023 @ Napier Hall, Old Kilpatrick.



Isobel, Debbie, Jana, Gordon, Rena, Chris Young, Maria, Davis, Jim, Tom


Carolyn, Rhona

Approval of previous minutes

  • Approved – Isobel Plunkett
  • Seconded – Maria Gordon

Police Report

Apologies from the Police as they could not attend.

  • 4 Traffic incidents
  • 2 breach of the peace
  • 2 Vandalism
  • 1 drugs offence

Secretary Report

  • Response from WDC which did not address the questions raised.
  • Response to be sent by MG to the 4 counsellors.

Treasurer Report

  • No report as treasurer not present.

Local Issues

  • Lauren chased John Kerr on the Lock ups on Port Patrick Road – no response received. Jim will be invited to a future meeting as this has been ongoing for some time now with no forward movement and very little engagement.
  • Kilpatrick railway station – the east direction platform has been tactiled- Gordon has spoken to Scotrail directly who have said that the west direction platform will also be done.
  • Roads – the roads department will pick up the issue with the island at the bottom of Station Rd and the one-way suggestion for Erskine View. With regards to the car park at the back of The Ettrick, we are still trying to locate who owns this section of land through Michelle Lynn – no response yet.
  • Liam Green has not responded to any communications that Issy has sent.

Napier Hall

  • Public Meeting will be held on 15th March regarding the closure of the Napier Hall.
  • Michelle Lynn sent a message to Issy to say she would not be attending.
  • 3 of the 4 counsellors will attend, Lauren gave apologies as she has a prior engagement.
  • WDC have been asked to find out what funding will be available and what the plans are when the hall has to close.
  • There are final discussions ongoing with regards to the closure of the Church and if that goes ahead then the Church may be an alternative option (or maybe and additional one) for a community space.

Local Place Plan

  • Gordon will share the 4 letters he sent with the CC at the next meeting (c/f from last meeting)
  • No other discussions on this matter due to arrangement of public meeting.

Next Meeting

Tuesday 11th April @7.30pm - Napier Hall.

Meeting closed – 20.52pm.


Old Kilpatrick Community Council Minutes   14/2/23


Isobel Plunkett (Chair), Rena McKenzie, Maria Gordon, Chris Young, Jim McElhill, June McKay, John Pryde (police officer) Carolyn Hutchison.


Gordon King, Rhona Young, Daniel Lennie, Jana Moracova, Debbie Keenan, Lauren Oxley.

Minutes from 10 /1/22

Jim McElhill raised concern re.issue highlighted by Graeme Anderson around data protection issues and also that this was the first time he had heard of it despite holding regular surgeries in the village.

This issue has been going on for 3.5 years and community council were concerned re.council communication and lack of action. Questions raised - why a single person was housed in a family home which is now unoccupied and is living in another property both of these being paid for by the council. Lack of response from emergency phone number,leading to call out of fire brigade who have highlighted that there is a risk of fire.

Letter sent to Chief Executive Peter Hasset and no response received,the secretary to the housing convener will contact all departments involved and then reply, Peter Barry, Martin Docherty and Marie McNair have all responded.

Jim McElhill will look into this and contact Martin Docherty and Marie McNair. Request that all 4 councillors receive a copy of this letter and any other issues but only 1 councillor deals with it.

Councillors have 10 working days to reply to correspondence but the most annoying thing for the community council, who are all volunteers, is lack of acknowledgement.

Police Report

John Pryde

7 recorded crimes:

  • 1 common assault
  • 1 theft
  • 1 small drug crime
  • 2 breach of the peace
  • 2 vandalism

Concern raised regarding speed of traffic on Station Road and through the village. Especially as a 40mph speed limit where new flats are.

Questions re.parking when new legislation is in force.

Youth issues quiet as tends to be seasonal.


Rena McKenzie raised issues in the village.

  1. Junction at Station Rd and Dumbarton Rd - refuge islands in disrepair and request for a give-way sign.
  2. Request for 1 way system at Erskine view and Church place and 20 mph speed limit. Access for emergency services. This was highlighted 10 years ago. Carpark behind the Ettrick is very muddy and covered in potholes. Restricting accessibility to Church Place.
  3. Road where hub and MB Motors are in an awful state. Jim McElhill has contacted the asset management team for the owner and it is housing who own it. David Lynch from housing has passed an order to the roads department who have contracted it out for resurfacing.
  4. Disabled access at Kilpatrick Station on North side. This has been previously discussed with Scotrail but there are financial implications. Jim McElhill has said he will contact Scotrail. There is also no signage at the station.

Issues re Antonine Wall Project

  • Garages on Portpatrick Road and huge bins opposite the milestone.
  • June McKay had contacted John Kerr but has had no reply.

Issues re roads and Asset Transfer

  • No response to previous correspondence. Isobel Plunkett will write to Liam Greene and Michelle Lynn and copy in the councillors.
  • Proposal for the agenda - to put 20 -30 minutes aside to work on locality plan at the end of community council meeting.

Date of next meeting

  • 14th March 2023 Napier Hall 7.30pm

Old Kilpatrick Community Council Meeting

Minutes – meeting held 10.01.2023 @ Napier Hall, Old Kilpatrick.

Present: Isobel, Debbie, Jana, Gordon, Rena, Chris Young, Maria

Apologies: Carolyn, Rhona

Approval of previous minutes:  The minutes of the previous minutes were not available for approval due to a mix up and they had not been circulated to the wider group.

Police Report:

Scott Hardy and Kayleigh Hughes in attached from Scottish Police Force

  • 2 cases of vandalism – both of which enquiries are ongoing
  • 2 cases of vehicle/traffic crime
  • 2 breach of the peace/disorder
  • 3 theft – 2 of which enquiries are ongoing
  • 1 breach of bail
  • 2 breach of communications act – both of which enquiries are ongoing
  • 1 misuse of a laser at a plane landing at Glasgow airport

(The above all exclude fixed penalty notices issued in respect of anti-social behaviour, non endorsable and endorsable offences (road traffic))

  • It was noted that while the gathering of youths in the usual area’s (Glen, Saltings, under the railway bridge) were less frequent they were still happening. The reduction in frequency is most likely due to the time of year and the weather.  Police advised that we should encourage individuals to call them when they see something they think should be reported and not assume that someone else will do it. 

Local Issues:

Graeme Anderson attended the meeting with the hope of speaking directly to the councillor’s from WDC.  Unfortunately, there was no representation from WDC at the meeting with no apologies submitted for non-attendance.  Mr Anderson resides at 125 Dumbarton Road and has been having issues with the tenant in adjoining property, which is owned by WDC, for approx. 3.5 years.  Mr Anderson gave the group a very thorough and detailed account of the past 3.5 years.  WDC have not been responding to Mr Anderson or his partner Debbie Keenan despite constant requests for things to be addressed.  The lack of communication from WDC has become unacceptable.  The below are the main points that have not been addressed.

  • Property left unattended since the tenant was told by the courts that his is not allowed anywhere near the property.
  • Front and back lawns not being upkept despite constant requests.
  • Lights left on 24hrs a day in the property despite a request for WDC to come out and switch them off as Mr Anderson was advised by Fire Service that it was a fire hazard.
  • Roof tile damaged and despite WDC been informed nothing done to fix it.
  • On 18.12.2022 water from the property at 127 Dumbarton Road started to flood out of the property.
  • Mr Anderson called WDC emergency response line 3 times – he received no response to any of those calls.
  • Mr Anderson then called fire brigade who came out, broke in via a boarded-up window, turned off both the water and electricity. The informed Mr Anderson that the leak was caused by the broken tile in the roof (previously reported to WDC on several occasions with no action taken by them) and that there was a burst pipe in the loft and 3 ft of water in the bedroom.
  • Mr Anderson’s property is now being effect with damp walls, wallpaper bubbling and cracks appearing in walls. Mr Anderson has now got to run dehumidifiers 24 hours a day in one of his bedrooms to try and dry out the damage.
  • WDC council were call on 9.1.2023 and inform Mr Anderson that the tenant would not engage with them despite this being a council property.
  • Issy will write to WDC chief Exec with copy to Martin Docherty and Mairi McNair to detail the failings of WDC on many occasions and the effect on Mr Anderson and Ms Keenan.

Local Place Plan

  • It was agreed that there will be time put aside at every other meeting to discuss our local place plan.
  • By the end of 2023 the aim is to have everything in place to submit our local place plan.
  • This will give is valued partner status round the table with regards to any discussion/decisions about development in the village.
  • Local place plan given us the opportunity to be able to identify what we may need and work out a solution on how best we achieve it.
  • Issy explained to those present how the process works end to end.
  • It was agreed that the CC will do the initial preparation then circulate to the wider groups (church groups/ youth groups etc….) for their comments/input.
  • It was agreed we will use the 20-minute neighbourhood plan approach.
  • Liam Green (Head of Roads, WDC) and Michelle Lynn (Asset Mgmt, WDC) have been invited to attend the next meeting.
  • Issy asked that everyone should have a think about the infrastructure of the road accessibility into and out of the village and around the village. Please come prepared with the issues we face and some solution proposals if you have any thoughts you would like to present).
  • Michelle Lynn is also in charge of the Pavillion which has been ongoing for 2/3 years so, again, thought on this to be brought along.
  • Gordon has written to WDC 4 times regarding the Pavillion with no response received. It was decided that any future communication should be done centrally through the Chair and not on an individual basis to ensure transparency across the entire CC.
  • Gordon will share the 4 letters he sent with the CC at the next meeting.

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 14th February 2023, Napier Hall @ 7.30pm

Meeting Closed @ 20.51pm