Section 14 RTRA 1984 – 5 day notice.

Notice is hereby given that under Section 14 of the Roads Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (RTRA), as amended and by any other relevant legislation, use of the following roads by the undernoted types of use / classes of vehicle will be prohibited for the stated period of time.

Name of Road: Duntocher Road/Hawthorn Street, Clydebank

Restriction: No Waiting, Loading or Unloading, except under direction of a Police constable in uniform, cause or permit any vehicle to wait, load or unload at any time on any section of said names roads where indicated by signs.

Date of Restrictions: From 27th March 2024 for up to 5 days when appropriate signs displayed.

Reason for Restriction: To allow for filming.

Classes of Vehicle Prohibited: All classes except emergency service vehicles, those permitted by signs & those engaged in authorised road works. 

Further details and main alternative route(s)

It’s anticipated the restriction will only be in place on 27/03/24 between 07:00 and 20:00.

Extents of restriction highlighted below.

All restrictions may only be applied in part, as & when signed / required, & will be kept to a minimum. Access to all property & for pedestrian through traffic will be maintained.

Closure Map

Traffic Restriction Order - Duntocher Road/Hawthorn Street, Clydebank