The community alarm service is delivered to a wide range of service user groups, priority will be given to those:

  • People who are at risk of being admitted to hospital or care;
  • People who require support to aid an early discharge from hospital;
  • People who are terminally ill.

The community alarm service is staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  Each call is prioritised and assessed as per the nature of the emergency.

Charging Policy

A charge of £6.50 per week is applied to all service users.

Telecare assists and supports people living at home, allowing them to remain independent in the community. Telecare is the use of sensors which works alongside a community alarm and can provide a means of automatically signalling the required response to an emergency or crisis situation as it arises.

Telecare is not a new system as it has been available in the form of a community alarm service for a number of years.  While the community alarm relies on the user pressing the pendant to alert the call centre to an emergency, the Telecare sensors provide an automatic alert to the call centre.

Who Can Benefit from Telecare?

All service users can benefit from Telecare dependent upon the individual’s circumstances and assessed need.  This can include Older People, Adults with Mental Health or Learning Disabilities, Adults with Physical Disabilities, People with Dementia, People with Epilepsy and Children with Disabilities.

What is the Purpose of Telecare?

The Community Alarm and Telecare Sensors can, alongside package of support i.e. home care, day care, meal deliveries etc. would contribute to the reduction in people requiring to go into long term care or being admitted/readmitted to hospital.  It can also help to reduce the pressure on informal carers/family/friends and increase the speed of discharges from hospital once clinical needs have been met.

Listed below are some examples of the different Telecare sensors available and the benefits that each sensor can provide.  Please note that these are examples and there may be other sensors available (not listed) that meet individual needs.

Further information on examples of Telecare sensors is available on the Health and Social Care Partnership website.


Phone Number updated to: 0141 232 2316 

Payment Options

You can pay your community alarm service charge online quickly and simply.

Pay online

Please ensure that you have your invoice number (this can be found on your invoice), a valid debit or credit card and if you have an email account your email address to allow us to send your receipt.

Payment by telephone

Payments can be made using our automated payment line to pay by debit or credit card.