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Needing Support?

SDS is not a separate entity or service therefore West Dunbartonshire HSCP eligibility criteria for community care and children’s services remain the foundation for care managers to determine access to social care services and supports. Eligibility criteria are in line with the Scottish Governments eligibility framework.

If you, a professional or someone involved in your life believes that you might be in need of social care support the first step is to contact your local authority social work office.

If your circumstances indicate you are in need of support then a referral will be made to the appropriate service. You will be visited by a social worker or care manager who will carry out an assessment that will record how much care and support is required to improve your health, wellbeing, social inclusion and independence while meeting your needs.

Being Assessed

The individual carrying out the assessment will take account of the tasks you can do and the tasks you need help with. If you wish they will also speak to people who know you well to better understand your needs.

This process is an outcome based approach which means we will look at how best to improve the quality of your life. They will discuss services and support options that will help you in the areas of your life that have been identified. Your outcomes will record the types of services or support you wish to receive and how they will benefit you.

A financial assessment will be completed to establish what your contribution, if any, will be towards the total cost of your support. You will be notified of any charges in the letter of confirmation.

Who to speak to?

You can discuss your circumstances with a West Dunbartonshire duty worker who will access your need for an assessment by contacting your local HSCP social work office:

CHCP office in your area
Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven Old Kilpatrick, Dalmuir and Clydebank West Dunbartonshire residents

Adult & older People Integrated team

16 Church Street, Dumbarton

Tel: 01389 776499

Adult & older People Integrated team

Hardgate Clinic

Tel: 01389 811 760

Acquired Brain Injury 

Cairnmhor Resource Centre, Joint Hospital, Dumbarton

Tel: 01389 776499

Mental Health Duty

Riverview Resource Centre

Tel: 01389 812 070

Mental Health Duty

Goldenhill Resource Centre

Tel: 0141 941 4400

Learning Disability Service

Dumbarton Road, Clydebank

Tel: 0141 562 2334

Community Hospital Discharge Team

Vale Centre

Tel: 01389 828 200

Community Hospital Discharge team

Kilbowie Road

Tel: 01389 828220

Children Service

Aurora Place, Clydebank

Tel: 0141 562 8800

Sensory Impairment team

16 Church Street, Dumbarton

Tel: 01389 776499



Individuals who do not meet the eligibility criteria for support will not be entitled to access social care support, services or funding. If this is the case, assistance and/or advice will be provided to individuals on how best to meet their needs. This may include signposting to appropriate services in their local communities.