West Dunbartonshire Council have 19 multi-storey blocks of flats and contained within these blocks are 1,232 homes. The blocks contain one, two and three-bedroom flats, some blocks contain a mix but some contain only two-bedroom homes.

All bar one of the blocks are mixed tenure which means that WDC own some, often the majority, but owner occupiers and private landlords own the remaining share. The blocks were built in the 1960s using concrete panels and were insulated and received new double glazing between 2010 & 2015 to make the homes more energy efficient.

Apart from the three blocks at Littleholm (which are connected to the gas network) and Mountblow House (which has a communal system), the remaining blocks use electric storage heaters as their main form of heating.

In spring 2023 we prepared and presented an enhanced living strategy for these blocks. The strategy was written following consultation with residents between November and December 2022 and was approved by elected members in May 2023. 

The strategy PDF document includes several actions which we are implementing to deliver this strategy. Some of these actions are short-term actions, meanwhile, others are longer-term.  

Update on strategy implementation:

Between May and October 2023, officers have progressed several actions in this strategy. 

We have tendered for a cleaning contractor to deep clean the common closes, tendered for an installer for the environmental sensors, prepared paperwork to appoint a contractor for the Connected Response smart heating and hot water controls and the blocks that have been surveyed for CCTV amongst other activity. 

We will continue to update this webpage and we welcome any feedback you have.

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Emily Dorrian, Senior Housing Development Officer