Arts impression of new council housingThe Scottish Government have a target of delivering 110,000 new affordable homes by 2032, a minimum of 70% of which will be social rented housing.

In West Dunbartonshire the Affordable Housing Supply Programme (AHSP) is delivered through the More Homes West Dunbartonshire strategic approach.  This strategic approach successfully delivered over 1000 new affordable homes in West Dunbartonshire by 2022 and included the Council’s own ambitious New House Building Programme.

West Dunbartonshire Council are dedicated to continuing to build high levels of new affordable housing as set out in the Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP).

The purpose of the SHIP is to set out the strategic investment priorities for new affordable housing over a 5 year period to achieve the outcomes contained in the Local Housing Strategy (LHS) All homes built through the SHIP will meet high quality requirements including the Council’s Design Standard for Affordable Housing.

Key areas in the LHS which impact on the SHIP include:

  • Housing to 2040: vision & route map
  • Funding for new build homes
  • Design of new homes
  • Referencing the energy efficient Scotland route map
  • Investing in renewable energy infrastructure
  • Focus on creating 20 minute neighbourhoods
  • Supporting people with housing costs & stopping homelessness
  • Equalities and inclusion
  • Affordability and accessibility
  • Digital access

Strategic Housing Investment Plan 2024/25 – 2028/29

The Council has identified a number of future development sites for new council homes to address existing and new housing need.

The design of these homes will further develop, improve and exceed current best practice, providing sustainable homes using innovative technology and delivering on our low carbon ambitions including Passivhaus and other net zero carbon opportunities.

Table 1: Priority projects to be delivered within the time-frame of the SHIP

West Dunbartonshire Council

Priority projects to be delivered within the timeframe of the SHIP
Site/Developer Number of Units

Clydebank East

Queens Quay 100
Pappert 26
Bank Street 22
Clydebank Health Centre 41 (estimated)
Mount Pleasant 19
Willox Park 17
Bonhill Gap Sites 34
Gilmour Avenue 2
Queen Mary Avenue 16
Total 349 units

These sites and numbers are subject to change.

If you are interested in proposed private housing developments please look at The Development Plan or The Local Housing Strategy.

Community consultation on the Pappert Development took place on 15/5/23.