There are many ways that your local Housing Officer can assist you.

Housing Operations

West Dunbartonshire Council provides a comprehensive housing operations service currently working in 7 specialist teams throughout the local authority area. 

The Assistant Housing Officers and Housing Officers have broad roles and provide assistance and advice if you are applying for housing within West Dunbartonshire and also deal with multiple aspects of your tenancy such as:

  • Access to and allocating housing
  • Tenancy and Estate Management
  • Arrears prevention
  • Identifying appropriate support needs

What does this mean for you?

There are many ways that the Housing Operations team can assist you, for example your Assistant Housing Officer can help you apply for a house, and provide you with advice on what areas and types of housing are available for you to consider. 

The Housing Officer can provide assistance and advice with tenancy and estate management related enquiries and will also be able to help you if you are struggling to pay your rent or require help accessing support services. 

Contacting Housing Operations

There are many ways to contact the Housing Operations Team. 

Please be aware that we may not always be in a position to provide an immediate response to your enquiry but aim to respond within 48 hours.

For housing allocations enquiries, either:

For estate or tenancy management enquiries:

Alexandria and Dumbarton tenants only, please telephone:

  • The duty line on 01389 737661
  • Operating hours 08:45 – 16:45

If prompted please leave a voicemail message detailing your name, address and contact number and we will return your call within 48 hours.

Or email:

Clydebank tenants only, please contact:


Position Contact Details
  Area Coordinator

  David Lynch

  07940 077306

  Housing Officer

 Siobhan Dunlop (due back from mat leave Nov 21)

  Housing Officer

  Faycal Foul

  07918 367591

  Housing Officer

  Diane Morran

  07816 064927

  Housing Officer

  Johnny Scott

  07918 367586
  Housing Officer

  Jade McCrossan

  07816 171295
  Housing Officer

  Jacqui Baxter

  07805 751082
  Housing Officer

  Laura Friel

  07391 734925


Position Contact Details
  Team Leader

  Kevin McCrossan


  Housing Officer   Finbar Moreby -   TBC
  Housing Officer

  Diane McElwaine


   Housing Officer

  Morag Duncan

  07816 171288
  Housing Officer

  Karen Brown

  07721 235509
  Housing Officer

  Sandra Stewart

  07918 367588
  Housing Officer

  Kara Halpin 0.5   post

  07920 254916

Tenancy/Est Management

Tenancy/Est Management
Position Contact Details
  Team Leader

  Elaine Wyllie

  07760 462545
  Housing Officer

  Martin Rooney

  07816 171284
  Housing Officer

  Robbie McFarlane

  07717 023395
  Housing Officer

  Kenneth Phimister

  07940 025119
  Housing Officer

  Tom McDermott

  07816 171297
  Hosing Officer 

  Jason Keating

  07825 298076

  Housing Officer

  Brian Kerr

  07769 283304


If prompted please leave a voicemail message detailing your name, address and contact number and we will return your call within 48 hours.

Or email:

Changes of circumstances

If you have any changes to your circumstances or household it is important that you notify us to ensure we have an up to date record of the change and the details of all of the people living with you and to also ensure your rights as a tenant are protected. 

Please complete the change of circs form

Housing Repairs

Housing repairs should be reported directly by using one of the following methods:

Complete the repairs reporting form (2-3 minutes)

Or please:

For out of hours emergency repairs:

  • Free phone 0800 197 1004

For gas central heating breakdowns or faults:

  • City Technical 0333 202 0708

If you have an escape of gas:

  • National Grid free phone 0800 111 999

Neighbour complaints

If you wish to make a complaint regarding anti-social behaviour please:

  • Telephone the ASB helpline 01389 772048