Applying for Housing

To apply for a Council property you have to be 16 or over and complete our application form.  We also have an application guide that gives help on filling in the form. 

You can apply by completing the Housing Application Form.

If you have a permanent or long lasting condition or physical disability, which is made worse by your current accommodation, you can apply for points by completing a Medical Needs and Disability form. We have medical guidance for applicants, which sets out the grades and criteria we use in assessing your application.

The application form asks you to choose areas and types of properties you are interested for re-housing.  When you are choosing your areas and house types, it is important to look at the stock and turnover information listed below.  This information will help you make informed choices based on the property types and sizes we have within our stock and show you how many of these property types become available for re-letting.

If you require assistance please contact us via our duty telephone number 01389 737661, to speak to a  Housing OfficerAlternatively you can E-mail us.

You can find further information on our Housing Waiting Lists, Annual Review & Appeals page on:

Did you know?

We also advertise some of our available properties online.  These can be found on the following rental portals: