In line with similar developments across Scotland, the Strategic Skills Pipeline is a key element in West Dunbartonshire's employability and employment strategy. The Pipeline provides a route map identifying national and local service provision that is available to support people into employment through a staged process, at the core of which, is the identification of individual need.

The Pipeline is very much a live document, reliant on the participating organisations to provide updates on a regular basis to ensure information is relevant and accurate.

Whilst the Pipeline will provide staff throughout the employability partnership with information that will be helpful in their day to day contact with clients it is hoped that it will be of direct use to people to obtain a clear picture of the range of services available in the local area and to identify any gaps.

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Strategic Skills Pipeline


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Below is an overview of each pipeline stage which can be referred to when using this tool

Stage 1 - Referral and Engagement

Client Status
Not Job Ready
Examples of Eligible Activity

  • Early Engagement Activity
  • Identification of Needs
  • Development of Action Plan

Individuals picked up assessed and tracked in a timely manner
Identification of needs and supporting those most distanced from the labour market

Stage 2 - Barrier Removal

Client Status
Not Job Ready
Examples of Eligible activity

  • Barrier Removal and Confidence Building Activity
  • ESOL
  • Literacies
  • Specialist and non-traditional employability provision (eg debt, financial, homeless)
  • Vocational rehabilitation

More advanced learning or progression to L3

Stage 3 - Vocational Activity

Client Status

Job Ready
Examples of Eligible Activity

  • Vocational activity
  • Job search advice
  • Work experience placement
  • Activities to raise awareness of enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Accredited pre-employment training for core skills (eg IT)

Preparing for and sustaining employment, MA and/or work experience

Stage 4 - Employer Engagement

Client Status
Job Ready

Examples of Eligible Activity

  • Employer Engagement and job matching activities
  • Training, mentoring and supporting men and women into occupations or sectors where their gender is under represented

Employment, Self-employment or MA

Stage 5 - In Work Support

Client Status
In work
Examples of Eligible Activity

  • Support to help employee retention, including upskilling/workforce development
  • Initiatives to encourage development of vocational skills among low-skilled and low-waged individuals
  • High level business and management skills
  • Training to support business start up(particularly for groups under represented at managerial levels)

Employers supported/ encouraged to develop their workforce
Individuals have the information/ knowledge / skills to develop their career

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