Each delivery stream within Working4U prepares a 3 year delivery plan which sets out the key actions to be undertaken by the service in supporting delivery of the Housing and Employability Delivery Plan and the Council’s Strategic Plan.

The plans outline the performance indicators we will monitor to measure our success. Monitoring and analysing current and previous performance helps to identify trends and to understand where we need to implement improvement actions to meet both the service objectives and overall Council priorities. The performance reports will be used to inform decisions about future delivery and shape future activity.

The plans set out actions to address the key challenges and priorities identified through the service planning process.  They provide an overview of services and resources, partnerships, considers the relevant risks and relevant Quality Assurance Frameworks.

Progress is monitored and managed on a regular basis by the Working4U management team and relevant information reported to Housing & Employability Chief Officer.

West Dunbartonshire Local Employability Partnership Three Year Operating Plan 2022-2025 

West Dunbartonshire Council Benefit and Debt Information and Advice Service Three-Year Plan 2022 – 2025 

West Dunbartonshire Community Learning and Development Plan 2021 – 2024 

Community Learning and Development (Scotland) Regulations 2013 place a statutory requirement on local authorities to publish a plan every three years. The plan should outline how the local authority will co-ordinate and secure ‘adequate and efficient’ Community Learning and Development (CLD) provision with other sector partners.

Local Child Poverty Action Report

Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017 The intention of the Child Poverty Bill is to ‘set targets relating to the eradication of child poverty’ as well as making provision for plans and reporting relating to achievement of these targets. It requires the Scottish Government to meet four income based child poverty targets by 2030 as well as set out and report on the actions they will take to meet those targets. In addition the Act places a duty on local authorities and health boards to report annually on what they are doing to contribute to reducing child poverty.