West Dunbartonshire Council Working4U service was established to improve the quality of lives of West Dunbartonshire residents by assisting them to overcome barriers to social and economic inclusion.

Working 4U help people to access a wide range of employment, training and learning opportunities designed to help them overcome barriers, develop their skills and assist them in their journey towards work.

Key Progress Indicators

Here are a few of our key progress indicators for the period 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2023 for residents in West Dunbartonshire:

Working 4 U
Performance Indicator Achieved 2019/20 Achieved 2020/21 Achieved 2021/22 Achieved 2022/23
Number of local people receiving support through Working 4U 7,570 6,387 6,870 9,160
Total Value (£) of Income Generated £11.5m £7.8m £7.2m £8.1m
Value (£) of new debt managed £3.3m £1.3m £2.5m £1.8m
Number of local people being supported through W4U SDS MA Programme 184 233 171 198
Total number of local people being supported through apprenticeships 184 233 288 373
Number of local people entering employment 353 216 420 451
Number of local people entering education or training 1,228 454 993 1,469
Number of local people in employment six months after leaving 232 152 173 245
Number of local people gaining a full qualification 667 318 580 756

Quality Standards

Working4U successfully gained Accreditation in the Scottish National Standards for the provision Information and Advice for our Welfare Rights and Money Advice service during 2021/22.  

In May 2022 our Learning service were successful in the submission for re-approval of the CLD Standards Mark