Clydebank Terrace, more popularly known as Thomson's Buildings, was one of the first housing properties built in Clydebank. J & G Thomson erected the two four-storey grey sandstone tenements on Glasgow Road in 1872 to provide accommodation for their shipyard workers. Initially the building comprised 126 flats, housing around 700 people. Some of the ground floor flats were subsequently converted into shops. At one time there were also two dining rooms in the buildings, and Mrs Pitblado's adventure school was located in a room-and-kitchen at No 13.

The buildings had fallen into a state of disrepair by the early 1970s and several houses were unoccupied. It was at the centre of a local housing row in 1973, when it was claimed that tenants who lived in superior properties were being re-housed before those living in run-down Clydebank Terrace. However, every tenant from the Terrace had been re-housed by the end of the decade and Clydebank's oldest surviving tenements were demolished. They were replaced in the early 1980s with a new purpose-built office block for John Brown Engineering.