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Inchmurrin Crescent

A number of the streets in the Mollanbowie estate, Balloch, have been named after islands in Loch Lomond, and this is one of them. Inchmurrin, the southernmost of the Loch Lomond islands, takes its first syllable from the Gaelic innis meaning "island". The rest of the name either indicates a religious connection with Mirrin, the saint, or else comes from a Gaelic word muirn meaning "hospitality".


Jamestown is one of the joined-up (and formerly detached) "villages" making up the Vale of Leven conurbation. The name first makes its appearance in Parish records in 1798, and is said, (without any evidence!) to have derived from the fact that all the original proprietors of a new row of houses there, on the east side of the road (opposite the Dam) were all called James. The name "Damhead", referring to the area by the Dam, was gradually supplanted by "Jamestown", probably because most of the spread of housing occurred on the east side of the highway.