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Old Kilpatrick

Kilpatrick was the name of one of the ancient parishes of Scotland. It gave its name to the village that grew up around the church. The parish was later divided into West Kilpatrick and East Kilpatrick.

The more western parish became known also as "Old Kilpatrick" as it was still based on the original church in the village.

Information on the name 'Kilpatrick'.

Information on the name 'New Kilpatrick'.


An over town (toun) is the opposite of a nether town (toun) (Netherton). The terms refer to enclosed land or farms that are, geographically higher ("over") or lower ("nether"), and, most likely, in relation to each other within a locality.

Overton (Vale of Leven) lands on the west side of the Vale of Leven, now in Alexandria, named in relation to Middleton and (presumably) at one time, Netherton.

Overton Farm in Alexandria is named after the land. Leading in the direction of the farm lands are:

  • Overton Road
  • Overton Street, both in Alexandria

Overtoun (Dalmuir) lands were similarly named, giving rise to:

  • Overtoun Court
  • Overtoun Drive
  • Overtoun Road, all in Dalmuir.

Overtoun (Dumbarton) - It is probably a mistake to suppose, as John Irving does in his Place Names of Dumbartonshire (Dumbarton, 1928), that Dumbarton's Overtoun took its name from its position overlooking the town (as we can see from the general definition already given), though, in this instance the supposition is understandable. The place name "Overtoun" is very common throughout the country, and most are (or were, when named) nowhere near overlooking a built-up town. Overtoun in Dumbarton was developed into the Overtoun Estate on which are Overtoun Farm and Overtoun House. The estate was once quite extensive, and several roadways, developments, etc. have been named because they are located on old estate lands, including:

  • Overtoun Avenue
  • Overtoun Drive
  • Overtoun Terrace, and
  • the housing development called High Overtoun on the right at the top of Garshake Road.