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The place name "Renton" only came into use in the later part of the eighteenth century. It was in honour of Cecilia Renton, who had married into the Smollett family who were the local landlords. Renton was developed on the lands of Dalquhurn, and the reason for its creation was the need to house the increasing workforce for the flourishing bleachworks at Dalquhurn Works and the emerging cloth printworks at Cordale. Land was feued, and a system of streets was soon in place.

Roman Wall

The Roman Wall in what is now West Dunbartonshire was the western end of the famous Antonine Wall built by the Romans from about 140 A.D. in the period of the Emperor Titus Antoninus. It joined together a series of existing detached forts built in the time of Agricola. There are few physical remains in our area, but the wall's existence is the reason for roadway names such as:

  • Roman Crescent at Gavinburn, Old Kilpatrick, which is very close to Clyde terminus of the wall;
  • Roman Hill Road, which runs west from Cochno Road in north Duntocher;
  • Roman Road, which runs down the west flank of Golden Hill where one of the forts once stood.