Lending Charges:

download lending charges as a PDF document
Category Item Charge
Notification letters for overdue items
(once items become overdue, email notifications are sent weekly up to 4 weeks with a final overdue after 5 weeks)
No charge for overdue items

DVD and video hire charges

DVD Rate 1: £2.00 per week
DVD Rate 2: £1.00 per week
DVD Rate 3: £1.00 per week
Children's DVD: FREE
Educational DVD: FREE
Reservation charge FREE
Overdue DVD items
(applies only to premium DVD rates 1 and 2)
DVD Rate 1: £2.00 for 1 week
DVD Rate 2: £1.00 for 1 week
DVD Rate 3: £1.00 for 1 week
Children's DVD: FREE
Educational DVD: FREE
Lost or damaged items
(charge applied is according to the value of the items lost or damaged)
Variable (please ask a member of staff)
Reservation charge FREE
Inter-library loan charge
(optional service, applies to items borrowed from other bodies)
£4.00 per item
Replacement membership card £1.65
Magnification Sheet £2.20

Photocopying Charges:

Photocopying Charges
Category Item Charge
Black and white copies
(cost is per sheet)
A4 Paper: 15p
A3 Paper: 25p
Colour copies
(cost is per sheet)
A4 Paper: 60p
A3 Paper: £1.20
Fax charges
(cost is per sheet - please note that faxes sent to 0800 free-phone numbers will not be charged for)
Send (UK): 60p
Send (abroad): £1.20
Receive: 60p
Receive (abroad): £1.20
Photographic Reproduction
(a range of services are available in our local studies departments, found in Clydebank and Dumbarton libraries - please ask for details)

Learning Centre Charges:

Learning Centre Charges
Item Charge
4GB USB Memory Sticks £6.50
8GB USB Memory Sticks £9.50
(per A4 sheet)
Ear Phones (ear bud style) 75p
PC and Internet access Free