The Place and Design Panel will assist the Council in delivering regeneration, increasing economic vitality and raising aspirations around achieving better places and improving the design quality of the built environment in West Dunbartonshire.

With a number of key regeneration sites being progressed, the Panel will play a key role in raising the quality of development which will assist in creating better places and changing future perceptions and the economic fortunes of West Dunbartonshire.

Seeking to engage with projects as early as possible in the design process the Panel offers provision of objective and professional advice to designers, developers and other council services.

Driving high quality design of buildings and places is a key consideration of the panel.  It is seen as an enabler and not an obstacle maker.  The Panel will work collaboratively with developers and architects, assisting in the design process to allow developments to contribute to a culture of quality and a high standard of design excellence.  Resulting in a built environment that raises aspirations, elevates levels of health and wellbeing and increases economic vitality.

The Place and Design Panel consists of a ‘pool’ of built environment professionals working in the disciplines of;

  • Architecture
  • Landscape architecture
  • Urban design
  • Development
  • Planning
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Engineering
  • Infrastructure

Additional posts are populated by skills and areas of expertise such as;

  • Historian
  • Artist
  • Police liaison
  • Ecologists
  • Conservation expert
  • The Accessibility Panel
  • Equalities forum

Local knowledge and specialisms

Please see the Terms of Reference and Governance Document.


The Panel undertakings and reports are contained in the documents below:

Please note all other links to the above documents will be available to view in due course.

  • Reports listed above that do not have a link to the documents can be requested via email
  • Should you wish to enquire as to how the Place and Design Panel can assist with your project you can email