Procedures for removing Abandoned Vehicles

Report an abandoned vehicle:

Abandoned vehicles are not only an eyesore, they can also become a target for vandals and become a danger to the public.

Check if a vehicle is taxed and has an MOT

This provides the presence and expiry date of valid road tax for a given vehicle registration mark and vehicle make. DVLA Vehicle Enquiry (external link)

Report It:

Report abandoned vehicle

You will be asked to provide as much of the following information about the vehicle as possible

  • Location
  • registration number
  • make and model of vehicle
  • colour
  • general condition of vehicle

An Officer will then visit the location to make a further assessment of the vehicle. This is normally on the same day as the notification is received, or the next working day depending on the time of notification. The vehicle is photographed on site, to provide evidence of the vehicle's condition, registration number etc.

Following the assessment:

  1. An Officer will then carry out a vehicle search on the DVLA database link within the Waste Services Section, Richmond Street Depot, Clydebank.
  2. If the vehicle search establishes "no registered keeper" the Officer will return to the vehicle and apply a 24hour or 7 day removal notice.
  3. Types of notice:
    • 24 hr notice - this is actioned if the vehicle is of little value, i.e. burnt or in such a condition that it will be scrapped, or is being vandalised (This is determined solely by the Officer attending).
    • 7 day notice - this is actioned if the vehicle is considered to have a monetary value (This is determined solely by the Officer attending).
    • It is worth noting that 15 day notice applies to abandoned vehicles on private land. In this situation the Officer delivers a 15 day notice to owner of the land, seeking the permission of the landowner to remove it.
  4. Where the DVLA search establishes a registered keeper the vehicle is not abandoned. The police will attempt to trace the registered keeper, if attempts are unsuccessful the police will write to the Council authorising removal of the vehicle.
    • The Police have no timescale for this and the authorisation for removal is based on their operational priorities.