Your bin may not have been emptied, if at collection time:

  • the bin did not have a fully closed lid  
  • the bin was not presented on the kerbside by 6.30am on the day of collection
  • the bin was not presented on the correct collection day
  • the bin contained contaminated material

You can find out your collection day using the Bin Collection Calendar.

Report a Missed bin

To report a missed bin please use the Chatbot (bottom right)

The Chatbot is here to assist you in resolving any issues you may have encountered with your bin collection. To help us better understand your situation and provide the best possible assistance, please answer the questions in Chatbot.

Report a Missed Assisted Pull

  • If you are signed up to Assisted Pull Our Service and you bin has been missed please contact us by phone on 01389 738285

Full Bin

Your green/black bin will not be collected if it is overfilled resulting in the lid not closing fully. In this case you will have to dispose of your excess waste yourself. This can be taken to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Contaminated Bin

If the bin was labelled contaminated, you will be visited by a Community Waste Officer, who will confirm the reason why the bin was not emptied and offer advice and guidance.

Oversight by our collection team

If a bin is missed due to operator oversight, please notify us within 5 working days.

The bin will be collected within 3 working days of it being reported to Fleet and Waste Services.