Garden waste collections will remain free of charge until 12 August 2024 when this will become a paid for service. Those who wish to have garden waste collected by the Council must purchase and display a permit.

When is the scheme being introduced and why?

This charge will come into force on 12 August 2024 and residents can now purchase a permit:

Purchase permit

There is no statutory requirement to collect garden waste and Council Tax does not cover its collection. Due to reducing budgets and rising costs, the Council cannot continue to offer this service free of charge. In order to retain a garden waste collection, it was necessary to introduce a charge to contribute towards the cost of its provision.

How will it work?

This is an opt-in service. Everyone living in West Dunbartonshire, whether a homeowner or tenant, will be required to pay £60 per year if they want their garden waste collected.

In 2024/25, as the permit scheme is being introduced part way through the season, the cost has been reduced to £26 to reflect the number of collections remaining.

This is a one-off charge for fortnightly collections between 12th August and the end of November 2024 and not for one individual collection. Collections of garden waste will cease on November 30th and will resume in April next year. During this period, residents can compost their garden waste or dispose of it at either of the Council’s recycling centres.

Those who purchase a permit will be sent a sticker to display on their brown bin, allowing waste operatives to clearly see the bins to collect garden waste from.

Do I have to purchase a garden waste permit?

Residents do not have to buy a permit but garden waste will only be collected from those households who have purchased and displayed.

What does the permit entitle me to?

The Garden Waste Permits for 2024/25 will be valid from 12 August 2024 to 30 November 2024 however due to the two-week collection cycle, your last collection may be in advance of this date.  During this part-year period, you will receive fortnightly garden waste uplifts. In 2025/26, residents with a permit will receive fortnightly garden waste collections through the season of April to November.

When should I buy my permit?

We would encourage residents to apply in good time before the implementation date of 12 August. To ensure residents benefit from all collections within the permit period, we suggest applying at least 3 weeks in advance of this date by 22 July. You can still apply for a permit at any point before the collections cease in November but there will be no reduction in price.

Where should I attach my permit?

When you receive your permit, you should attach it to the back of the brown bin below the handles. There will be clear instructions provided on how to affix the permit to your garden waste bin when this is sent out to you.

I have more than one brown bin – do I need an additional permit?

If a resident intends to dispose of garden waste in more than one brown bin, a permit is required for each bin. Brown bins which have been used to dispose of garden waste will only be uplifted if a permit is displayed.

What can be disposed of in my brown bin if I have a garden waste permit?

Find out what you should be using your brown bin for on the what goes in my brown bin page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residents who do not wish to purchase a permit to have garden waste collected should continue to use their brown bin to deposit food waste. 

Yes, brown bins can be requested online through the request a bin form

If the brown bin is used for food waste only then a permit is not required. If you would like to have garden waste collected, please ensure you receive delivery of the brown bin before applying for your garden waste permit.

If you are currently registered to receive an assisted collection for a brown bin and would like to participate in the garden waste service, then you will need to buy a garden waste permit.

You can continue to have an assisted collection of your brown bin for food waste only without purchasing a garden waste permit.

The permit applies to garden waste only. Residents should continue to place food waste, which is a statutory service covered by Council Tax, in the brown bin and this will still be collected on your designated collection day all year round. Please note, if food waste is mixed with garden waste and no permit is attached, the bin will not be collected. Any resident with a designated food bin will continue to have this collected free of charge, without the need to purchase a permit.

We ask that if you generate garden waste then you ensure it is disposed of appropriately by either purchasing a permit to have it collected by the Council or taking it to one of the recycling centres. 

The general waste bin is for non-recyclable waste only and if recyclable waste is disposed of in this bin, it may not be collected.

This approach has been successfully implemented in neighbouring local authority areas without an increase in fly-tipping. If a resident who does not have a garden waste permit places their garden waste in a neighbour’s bin with a permit, this would be considered as fly-tipping and action could be taken.

There are no exemptions however those who are eligible and successfully apply to the Care of Garden Scheme will continue to experience the same level of service that they currently have, including the removal of garden waste. For those living in flatted properties with shared garden areas, it will continue to be the responsibility of all tenants for upkeep of the garden and appropriate disposal of waste.

The Council can supply compost bins for free by emailing  More information on composting is available at

A permit stays with the house - it can't move with you. If you're moving house within West Dunbartonshire and your new home doesn’t already have a permit, you'll need to purchase one if you wish to have garden waste uplifted. If your new home already has a permit, you can use that permit.

The permits are made from a hard-wearing synthetic material and cannot be removed from one bin and placed on another. In addition, permits will display the household address to make it easy for our waste operatives to see if a bin is being used at the correct location.

If your permit is damaged or lost you can request a replacement permit. This service will become available once initial permits have been issued.

Every brown bin used for garden waste must have a valid permit. If you want to share a garden waste bin with neighbours, then you will require a garden waste permit. To share a brown bin, you would only be required to purchase one garden waste permit per bin, however you will have to come to a private agreement with your neighbour(s) regarding who will apply and make payment for the service. The address of the payee will be printed on the waste permit which should be attached to the brown bin. The Council will not be involved in this process.