Traffic Calming Determining Factors

Any specific request for changes to road design will be considered by Roads Services on the basis of various quantifiable determining factors such as:

  • matching road use and design
  • legislation
  • road safety improvements
  • council policy
  • funding priorities.

Traffic Calming Requests

Requests for changes with supporting justification should be based on reporting a particular problem rather than requesting a particular solution and can be made in writing to: 

Roads Services,
West Dunbartonshire Council,
Bridge Street,
G82 1NT

Or informal enquires made:


Factors to consider

In the case of traffic calming the typical factors to consider would be assessing any need to change the road design to ensure its actual and intended use are in accordance (such as if speeding is being undertaken by most users), a recorded injury road safety problem or possibly redevelopment or re-designation of use and or Council Policies.  Any exceptional issue could also be considered on individual basis.