Psychological Services offer a specialist service to schools and parents to help children and young people with additional learning needs.

Educational Psychologists can support and help children of all ages. They will talk to your child about their feelings and their likes and how they get on with other people and at school.

Our service works with:

  • individual children to help them achieve the most out of their learning
  • schools and teachers to make sure they have effective policies and procedures in place
  • the local authority to provide training and to contribute to policy and planning.

Accessing our service

You can access our service by asking the head teacher in your child's school about meeting with the school's link educational psychologist. Or, by sending a request in writing to the Principal Educational Psychologist

Others who can access the service include:

  • schools
  • social work
  • health staff
  • your child.

Our service will not have any contact with your child without your prior consent. You will know about all actions and agree to them before we do anything on your child's behalf.

More Information

For more information on:

Contact details

Principal Educational Psychologist

Dept. head

Ellen Moran,

Principal Educational Psychologist

Psychological Services
c/o Carleith Primary School
Stark Avenue
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