A Co-ordinated Support Plan is a statutory document which is subject to regular monitoring and review.

West Dunbartonshire has arrangements in place to identify those children and young who need a co-ordinated support plan (CSP).

A child needs a CSP if:

  • their additional support needs arise from one or more complex factor, or multiple factors
  • these needs are likely to last for more than a year
  • these needs require significant additional support to be provided by the education authority and one or more appropriate agency.

Information in a CSP

A co-ordinated support plan contains the following information:

  • personal details about your child e.g. their name, date of birth, school they currently attend and date of entry to that school
  • personal details about you e.g. name, address, contact telephone number, relationship to the child, and preferred language or form of communication
  • a profile of your child's strengths and details of the reasons for their additional support needs
  • educational objectives for the year which need co-ordination across agencies in order to achieve them
  • the additional support that will be put in place to achieve these objectives and who will provide it
  • your views and your child's views of the plan
  • details of the person who has been appointed as the co-ordinator of the plan
  • details of the person from the education authority who will oversee the process and provide further information if required
  • review timetable for the plan in line with statutory time limits.

Accessing the service

You have the right to ask us to look and see if your child requires a CSP. Your request should be in writing, email, CD or audio recording. It should give details of your child's additional support needs and why you think a CSP is required.

You have the right to ask a supporter to help you present your case.

You have the right to ask for your child to be assessed in a specific way. You are allowed to ask for a:

  • psychological assessment
  • health assessment
  • social work assessment
  • specialist assessment from a voluntary sector organisation.

The law does not allow you to ask for the assessment to be carried out by a named individual or organisation.

You can appeal our decision about your child's needs.

ASN Tribunal for Scotland (ASNTS) will hear and decide your appeal against our decision about your child’s co-ordinated support plan (CSP).