We are delighted to introduce our Board of Trustees. Please view the names below to find out further information about that trustee.

  1. David McBride
  2. David Smith
  3. David Marshall
  4. Tony Waclawski
  5. Charlie Gibson
  6. Tony Dempster
  7. Gordon Scanlan
  8. Clare Steel
  9. David McCowan

9. David McCowan

Independent Director

David McCowan - Independent Director

David is a resident of Arden, Alexandria and a local business owner.
He has 12 years experience as a board member of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, serving on their Audit committee and both their planning and Local review committees.
An accountant by degree he has a commercial background in pensions and investment sales working for some of the UK's largest life insurance companies. For the last 20 years he has a successful track record of start up's in the financial sector and development of tourism accommodation in the local area.
David also serves on the Luss and Arden Community development trust as its chair. Recent projects include the building of a community hydro energy scheme.
David is a keen tennis and golf player and also enjoys fishing and water sports.