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New Kilpatrick

When the old Scottish parish of Kilpatrick was divided in to West Kilpatrick and East Kilpatrick, the western parish was also called "Old Kilpatrick" because it retained the old parish church itself. A new church was built (where Bearsden later grew up) for the eastern portion, and it became known as "New Kilpatrick". Under the latest reorganisation of local government boundaries in 1996, this area is now actually in East Dunbartonshire.

Information on the name 'Kilpatrick'.

Information on the name 'Old Kilpatrick'.


When, in the second half of the nineteenth century, under the direction of the Denny shipbuilding family in Dumbarton, the east end of the town was developed to provide housing for the growing shipyard workforce, the area came to be called The Newtown, because it was, literally, the new town. "Newtown", or "Newton" is one of the most common place names in the UK. The word "new" is, of course, relative, and, unlike Dumbarton's Newtown, many places with that name are hundreds of years old.