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Vale ("The Vale")

This can be an abbreviated form of "Vale of Leven" (see beneath). Often, however, it is used locally as a synonym for the town of Alexandria (q.v.) with a strictness that is puzzling to outsiders.

Vale of Leven

This is, of course "the valley of the River Leven". Geographically it should include everything from Balloch to the mouth of the River at Dumbarton. More often, however, it is used locally for the area covered by the villages (towns) of Renton, Alexandria, Bonhill, Ladyton (etc.), Jamestown and Balloch. Some would even exclude Renton, an apparently irrational inclination that may derive ultimately from the fact that Renton, historically, was in Cardross Parish, while all the other villages were in Bonhill Parish.

Information on the River Leven.

Veir Terrace

George Barlas and his son William, were prominent and successful local builders in Victorian times, responsible for the construction of a number of residences and residential terraces in Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven. Veir Terrace, which runs more or less east-west at the north end of Levengrove Park, Dumbarton, was named after Veir Barlas, a member of the builder's family.

Victoria Street

The quintessentially Victorian road or street must be one named after Queen Victoria and originally constructed during her reign! Streets and roads all over the country were so named. Paying homage to the 19th century monarch are:

  • Victoria Street (Alexandria), between Arthur Street and Albert Street at the south end of the town;
  • Victoria Street (Dumbarton), leading from Glasgow Road in the Newtown district towards Castle Street.