Computers for the Absolute Beginners

8 x 2hr sessions (1 session per week). This course is FREE of charge.

Please note that due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we are currently only able to offer one-to-one training sessions with an IT Trainer in your local library. 

This 8 week course is aimed at Absolute Beginners; you will learn the basics of how to use a computer, the basics of using the internet and email and
how not to be afraid!

All of our Quest courses are flexible and student-driven, however the following areas will be covered on the course:

  • Introduction: Covering general PC orientation, working with Windows, using the mouse to open and close programmes to help familiarise you with your PC.
  • The Keyboard: Learn editing techniques using the keyboard by typing a simple letter. Demonstrate the basics of saving and storing files on the
    computer or flash drive.
  • Surf and Search the Internet: Using ‘Internet Explorer’ to browse the Internet, you’ll learn about using web addresses and ‘hyperlinks’ to
    surf the net. Using Search Engines like Google and Yahoo to find information on the Internet when you don’t know where to look
  • Email: Open an e-mail account with Yahoo and learn how to send and receive your first e-mails.

Where and When

Due to the current COVID restrictions a date and location for this course can be agreed with the trainer when we receive your application form.

Applying for a course

You can apply online or at any of our public libraries