iPads for the Absolute Beginner

6 x 2hr sessions (1 session per week). This course is free of charge.

These sessions are aimed at anyone who owns or is thinking of buying an iPad or if you already have an iPad but don’t know how to use it properly.

The course will guide you through the basics of setting up and navigating your iPad and then take you through some practical uses

  • Connecting to a Wi-Fi point.
  • Customising the look and feel of the desktop.
  • Downloading and installing software (apps).
  • Browsing the internet and cloud computing.
  • Using email and iMessage and FaceTime.
  • Using the camera and the photos app.

Not suitable for Android Tablets. Android Tablet users should refer to the Tablets for the Absolute Beginners course.

Applying for a course

You can apply for a course in a number of ways:

When booking please specify the course, venue, date and time of the course you require.